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TRAVEL/EAT – Traditional Hot Chocolate in Portugal

By Jsleigh14 @jsleigh14

Hot Chocolate is undeniably one of my most favorite hot beverages. Lately in Portugal, I’ve been introduced to a new kind of Hot Chocolate – the traditional kind. This type of Hot Chocolate is commonly served around this country, and it is remarkably different than what I normally get at Starbucks or Tim Hortons’ back at home.

TRAVEL/EAT – Traditional Hot Chocolate in Portugal

Traditional Hot Chocolate is less sweet and much thicker than American Hot Chocolate. In fact, it’s even served with a spoon so that you can scoop up every bit of the decadent goodness. Because its so thick and creamy, it’s not possible to drink it on-the-go in the morning. This beverage is more of an afternoon pleasure that’s enjoyed alongside some pastries.

TRAVEL/EAT – Traditional Hot Chocolate in Portugal

New Year’s is tonight, I hope that you all enjoy your countdown with important family and friends. Talk to you all in the New Year!

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