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TRAVEL/EAT: Francesinha Sandwich in Porto, Portugal

By Jsleigh14 @jsleigh14

The Francesinha is a Portuguese Sandwich that originates from the northern city of Porto. When I was in Porto, I felt obliged to try this sandwich because apparently it can’t be found in any other country. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t hard to find this sandwich because it is served in most restaurants and cafes in Porto. The moment I laid eyes on the Francesinha, I was quite surprised because it really is one monster of a sandwich!


TRAVEL/EAT: Francesinha Sandwich in Porto, Portugal



This massive sandwich contains tons of roast meat sandwiched between two slices of breads. It is covered with melted cheese and drenched in a tasty tomato and beer sauce. The Francesinha serves as a hearty meal that I can never finish on my own.


TRAVEL/EAT: Francesinha Sandwich in Porto, Portugal


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By Olívia Justo
posted on 03 April at 19:23

Great article and great pictures! I live in Porto and I must say that Francesinha is really a piece of heaven! As a tribute to this amazing sandwich, I made an article on my blog about it, find out the best places to eat a Francesinha in Porto :) http://www.portosweethome.com/eat-in-porto-best-places-to-eat-a-francesinha/.