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TRAVEL/EAT: $5 Street Food – New York

By Jsleigh14 @jsleigh14

A trip to New York isn’t complete without trying out their street food. Practically every block is attended by at least one street cart, so it’s impossible to not spot one while strolling around the city. Most street food items are priced at $5 and under, so they’re great for quick and budget-friendly meals. What’s better yet is that street carts can be found 24/7 at busy locations like Time Square, which allows night-lurking tourists (like me) to grab a post-midnight snack whenever necessary.

TRAVEL/EAT: $5 Street Food – New York

Street Carts in Manhattan

TRAVEL/EAT: $5 Street Food – New York

Snack Box in Times Square

Hot Dogs are the biggest street food item in the big apple. I tried a few at Snack Box, a cart in the middle of Times Square that supposedly serves the best hot dogs in town. Indeed they were very tasty and were the perfect snack to have at three in the morning.

TRAVEL/EAT: $5 Street Food – New York

Hot Dogs ($3.25 each)

I had the Italian Sausage at another cart, a delicious massive sausage served with a bun and some mustard. Other than that it was fairly greasy, I liked it a lot.

TRAVEL/EAT: $5 Street Food – New York

Italian Sausage ($5)

The street food item that I ate the most in New York was the Chicken Kebab. These kebabs are grilled in front of you and are taste of nothing but barbeque’d goodness. I like to add BBQ sauce to mine, and there’s the option to add hot sauce as well. I can eat this everyday!

TRAVEL/EAT: $5 Street Food – New York

Chicken Kebabs ($5)

Street food in New York is definitely not the healthiest food on Earth, but perhaps the best bang-for-your-buck food on Earth. It’s a standard New Yorker experience to wonder around the streets of the concrete jungle with a hot dog in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. I wish that Vancouver would catch onto this trend soon because food can really add to the culture of a city – especially when it’s this good.

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