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Travel|| Winter Travel Wishlist for Escaping the British Weather…

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

At this time of year I start to think (or panic) about the number of holidays I've got left. And how to make the most of them. I'm actually due a break. I've not had a proper holiday or any time off since my big one to St Lucia in January. The thing is, I always find this stint between summer and Christmas a hard slog. So I'm thinking about how I can take long weekends, and weeks off to really maximise the time. I want to feel like I'm away from the office a lot doing winter travel!

I think this time feels SO long because winter (and sometimes Autumn too) is also a very cold time in England. It's wet, it's dry, it's dreary, it's blustering. The cold English weather just can't seem to make up its mind! So I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to escape the country for a little while. Either back to a climate where it's warm and lovely. Somewhere you don't have to bundle up in scarves and hats just to take a step outside. Or perhaps to somewhere colder. Somewhere it's not as miserable but instead you're exploring new sights in the crisp air. Maybe even enjoying a cheeky mulled wine along the route.

And so, I thought I would share with you some of my Wishlist for an escape this winter.

They're all on recommendation, because they're meant to be fab locations at this time of year!

If you're someone who longs for the sun, and something fun to do whilst the winter reigns down on the UK, I hope this gives you a little travel inspiration. As much as we don't want to accept it right now, we all know that it'll be Christmas soon, so why not get some travel plans in early to make this autumn/winter stint a little easier to get though...

Visit a Christmas Market Overseas

Of course, the rest of Europe might be a little chilly in terms of the climate too, but there's a lot of old and famous Christmas markets out there! You're going to want to visit at least a couple of them in your lifetime. Trust me when I say I wish I could visit them all because I bloomin' love Christmas and had so much fun at the one in Edinburgh last year.

Travel|| Winter travel wishlist for escaping the British weather…

So, which ones are the best, according to popular opinion? There's a very popular market held in Budapest year by year that's very family-friendly. I missed this one by a few days when I visited a few years ago and was so disappointed. I need to head back to tick this one off and experience it for myself.

There's also an incredible market event held in Vienna during the winter period, and I've heard such good things about Stuttgart Christmas Market and Prague too! I'm actually dying to see Prague in the winter - it's meant to be so pretty!

Travel|| Winter travel wishlist for escaping the British weather…

Try Out Cyprus

If you're after somewhere warmer, Cyprus stays relatively warm and temperate during the Christmas period. It's also a popular destination for anyone on a budget, yet still looking to find somewhere warm and dry to have a good time. Apparently it feels a bit like spring down there!

A couple of my friends have been several times, and my sister is really excited to visit Cyprus next year. It's firmly on my list!

Travel|| Winter travel wishlist for escaping the British weather…

If you're someone who loves history and sightseeing around old ruins and ancient sculptures, I've been told this is definitely the country for you. Apparently, it's full of picture opportunities. So make sure you're fully charged (both phone/camera and yourself) ready to explore.

Off to Australia!

I went for dinner and a catch-up with Charlie this week, and she told me she's off to Australia for Christmas this year. I couldn't be more jealous!

Australia flips the switch when it comes to the seasons. Which means if you head there during your winter, you're going to arrive down under in the summertime. Shorts and BBQs in November - yes please! When you're sick of the freezing weather back home, the hot and humid climate that Australia has to offer will be the dream.

Travel|| Winter travel wishlist for escaping the British weather…

There's so much to see and do once you get there. I've been told you're never going to actually want to come back again for Christmas! There's a lot of natural wonders to be found within this country. Ones you won't have to be bundled up to go and find. One thing firmly on my list would be a day to take part in one of the Great Barrier Reef tours. It would be incredible. I mean, scary (as I still have a bit of a fear of water) but amazing. I've been told it'll enchant and mystify you - definitely an experience to be had!

Katy Mitten went to Australia this year too, and I've tagged lots of things she did out there for if we get to go. I've constantly got my eye on Jack's Flight Club for cheap flights!

Travel|| Winter travel wishlist for escaping the British weather…

I feel like the Autumn/winter period can put the blues on us in the UK.

But if you've got some travel plans up your sleeve, it makes things so much better! Plus then it'll be all the festivities and Christmas, and who doesn't like that?! So, there you have it. My top three on my wishlist of winter travel plans. Do you have anything planned? What's on your winter wishlist!

Chloe xx

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