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Travel Product Review: Travalo Perfume Holder and a Flight Voucher Contest!

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Travel Product Review: Travalo Perfume Holder and a Flight Voucher Contest!Many times our travel product reviews often come tied with a giveaway of that very same product, but this one is a double whammy that could result in you winning not only a great travel product, but a $400 flight voucher as well!   The makers of the newest travel product Travalo are behind this great sweepstakes, and we were fortunate enough to review their product as a way to take part in the promotion.
The Product - Travalo Perfume Holder
It would be a bit odd for me, a guy, reviewing a perfume holder, but I gave it my best shot. In a way, it is probably a good thing for my perspective on the item, as I have absolutely zero need in taking perfume abroad and can be completely impartial. With that being said, the Travalo Perfume Holder is a great little invention. 
At not much larger than a standard lip stick case, Travalo is made to carry between 4 and 5 mL of your favorite perfume in a leak proof container that is TSA safe.  It is marketed as being able to hold 50-65 sprays, so I put my unit to the test.
How Does It Work?
Travel Product Review: Travalo Perfume Holder and a Flight Voucher Contest!Filling any perfume holder is likely the most terrifying aspect as the first thought you would have is a giant, fruity-smelling mess all over your bathroom.  The makers of Travalo had an ingenious idea for a sealing mechanism that fits right over the spray tube of most all perfume bottles.  Filling is as simple as pumping the Travalo about a dozen times or so and it is good to go.  While I did make a small mess on the lid of the perfume bottle that I stole from Angie (a few drops), it was leaps and bounds better than what I was envisioning, and the expensive perfume was saved from being wasted!
It wasn't really expensive perfume, but more a Lavender room spray that happens to have the same spray attachment as most perfume bottles.  So I began testing by running around our apartment spraying Lavender spray just about everywhere I could.  True to their word, I got just above 50 sprays out of the little device, and was pleasantly rewarded with an amazing smelling apartment.
For $10 for the base Travalo model, the product is a great deal for those travelers that absolutely must have perfume while on the road.  Taking that $80 bottle of Fragonard may not make sense when traveling around the world, but the travel perfume bottle may be just the alternative you are looking for.  As an extra bonus, this product does not necessarily have to be used solely for travel, and is a small perfume holder for any occasion, something we do not see in most travel products we've reviewed recently.
Enter the Contest
Travalo has offered to giveaway one of their travel ready perfume holders to a lucky reader from this blog in their Get Away with Travalo promotion, and all you have to do to enter is comment below!
When commenting, be sure to include:
-Your name
-E-Mail Address
 -and tell us a dream destination that you'd like to take Travalo! 
As a second contest in this promotion, all entrants in the Get Away with Travalo sweepstakes are entered into a larger pool, and one lucky winner will receive a $400 flight voucher!  The winner may be from this blog, or another, but anyone who comments will be entered in to the drawing!
Note: If you are uncomfortable leaving your email address in a public post, please email me, as you will need to have a way to be contacted if you win.
Entry Deadline: October 21st, 2011 at midnight (EST).
-Travalo winner from this blog will be selected on October 22nd.
-Airline voucher winner will be selected by Travalo on October 26th.
Good luck!

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