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Travel Bloggers: Geraldine & Rand Fishkin Love Story

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

Travel bloggers’ views on love (pass me the sick bucket!)

I f***ing hate SEO.  It makes sick to the stomach.  And so do soppy love stories. But there’s something about Geraldine and Rand which makes me hate SEO a little less, and stomach romance a little better.

For those of you (normal people) who don’t know who Rand Fishkin is, he is one of worshipped gods of the SEO world.  Internet geeks and idiots who call themselves “search engine experts” follow his updates on SEOMoz daily.  It’s a sad affair, it really is.  But let’s take away from the fact that this man is at the centre of the industry I most despise (even more than whale hunting), and take a look at the love of his life, Geraldine the travel blogger. 

The Everywhereist, Fellow Travel Blogger

travel bloggers geraldine deruiter

Seeing husband and wife blog about each other in such a non-husband-and-wife way in and, makes me a little bit jealous. 

Reading Geraldine’s updates on how she follows her husband’s SEO career around the world and travel writes as she goes doesn’t trigger feelings of nausea / pity / revulsion.  Instead, I am a little bit touched. 

Geraldine calls her travel blog “a love letter to her husband”.  A bit gross, I know.  But she then elaborates to say that it’s a “big, long, cuss-filled love letter”.  That’s much better.  There really is nothing wet and soppy about this so-called romantic epistle.  To me, it’s just a very ordinary story about the everyday lives of two people who happen to like each other a lot.  

Travel Bloggers and the L Word (Love, not Lesbians)

travel bloggers rand fishkin

I think the difference between just romance and this, is that this is pretty funny.  I don’t know whether it’s the fact that we’re both travel bloggers (who love cake), whether I empathise with her losing her copywriting job, whether it’s because she isn’t scared to write “penis cream” in her About section, or whether it’s because she uses such witty captions for her photos, but something about the way she writes about Rand is endearing and entertaining at the same time.

I no longer see him as the SEO devil who riles me so.  But I see him as Geraldine’s husband who seems to make her so happy. 

travel bloggers rand fishkin devil

Call me naïve, but I really haven’t seen a married couple look so content together. I could be wrong; they could be sleeping in separate beds and sending each other text messages of hate throughout the day, for all I know.  But I like to think I’m right. 

Here Comes the Demandosaurus…

According to the internet, this word already exists.  But my boyfriend – if he’s reading (I guess this is the test) – is likely to claim credit for it. 

travel bloggers rand fishkin tells us that the definition of Demandosaurus is: someone who demands attention or always needs help doing everything in Dinosaur-like proportion.

Yeah, that would be me.  I hold my hand up high.  I like attention.  And I like dinosaur-like proportions of it.  If Geraldine can dedicate an entire website to her travelling husband and if Rand can drop in a few links to his wife’s travel blog from SEOMoz (you can pass the link love my way too if you like), then why can’t someone blog about me?

That’s right, you heard.  I want my boyfriend to blog about me.  Thanks to these two bloody lovebirds, I now want to dip my finger in the travel-bloggers-write-about-your-spouse pie. 

If only…..I’ll have one guess as to what his reponse will be.  I’m 99% sure that he’ll tell me to “jog on”.

I love you too, dear. 

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