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Transporter the Series TV Review - You May Not Want to Watch This

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera
Critics claimed that the Transporter movie series was a total failure. And I disagreed, I really liked the first and the second Transporter movies, mostly because Jason Statham kicked-ass. But sadly, this TV series is nothing but total crap. Even comparing this with the movie series is an abasement to the original story.
Transporter the Series TV Review - You May Not Want to Watch ThisWarning : This review may contain spoilers and strong criticism.
Transporter the Series premiered in Germany last October. After taking a long time, it came over to Canada on January 4th. Channels in Germany, France and Canada have selected to air episodes of the series in a different order. So, basically, no one knows which episode is the first and the last. That's only the beginning of the confusing story of the series. You can check it out on the Wikipedia page.    
I started watching the show just a couple of days ago. And I was disappointed in the entire show right from the beginning. It's filled with nothing but poor acting, cheap dialogues and many other loose ends in every one of the episodes. Obviously the producers have invested a lot on the action sequences, leaving the script with poor grammar and lame dialogues. Talentless German and French cast only made the show look even worse than anything I've ever seen.
Transporter the Series TV Review - You May Not Want to Watch This
Chris Vance appeared as a good replacement for Jason Statham as Transporter, but he's performance made me think otherwise. Maybe it could be because of the poor dialogue's or his supporting actors with a lame English accent. One thing that was clear to me was that his character hasn't been modified to fit into the series very well. He keeps talking about rules all the time, and then he break them. This happens repeatedly, in almost every episode of the show.
They've also tried to bring a mobile garage on a container truck, like in the Knight Rider. Actually, it's something that I couldn't really wrap my head around because this Transporter has the luxury to hire his own agent, a huge garage and also mobile garage truck. And yet he's still working as a delivery guy. WTF is up with that? Last time I checked, Transporter works alone, right? I mean the series description itself says that Frank Martin is a professional freelance courier.
Transporter the Series TV Review - You May Not Want to Watch This
There were only two things I liked about the series, that is the cool-looking new Audi A8 and those short nudity scenes in all episodes. Other than that, this show is nothing but a cheap knock-off of the Transporter film series. And, trust me. You do not want to waste your time with this. Try a different show and forget about this one, because I highly doubt this series to even get a second season.
Overall RatingTransporter the Series TV Review - You May Not Want to Watch This 

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