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Track Of The Day: The Anchoress - 'What Goes Around'

Posted on the 23 January 2014 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic

Track Of The Day: The Anchoress - 'What Goes Around'2014's release schedule is promising some great musical treats from artists old and new, but the upcoming debut LP from The Anchoress is the one that has got me buzzing with excitement. Even more so now this killer track has been unveiled. A collaboration from the highly talented multi-instrumental songwriter Catherine A.D. and former Mansun genius Paul Draper, the album is described as having a theme of "revenge pop", and this first single delivers that superbly.

Catherine A.D's icy purr is a perfect partner for Draper's extraordinary musical instincts on the fantastic 'What Goes Around', which is released as a 7" single on May 5, via the Too Pure Singles Club. Mansun fans will easily recognize this as the work of Draper (who co-writes, plays guitar and produces), and will be glad to hear that the magic is still alive. Dark, infectious and very classy, it marries smart piano and a subtle touch of strings with the rousing venom of its classic rock-shaped chorus, while the biting lyrics make you wonder if there was anyone in mind when the song was being written... "When you embark on revenge, you'd better dig two graves my friend". It's one of those rare tracks that grabs you on the first listen and still continues to reveal more with subsequent plays. 

In a recent interview that I did with the legend Draper, he talks about The Anchoress: "I didn't discover Catherine as such, she discovered me, it was the opposite way around. I was looking for a project and so was Catherine. Catherine hired me as co-producer with her to realize her songs in the form of a band, which we did. She's my favorite songwriter of the moment. The songs are divided between Catherine's and ones I've chipped in writing with her. We both love the collection of songs she's put together and are really excited about people hearing them!"

Pre-order the single from Too Pure HEREhttps://twitter.com/Toopuresingleshttps://www.facebook.com/theanchoresshttps://twitter.com/The_Anchoresshttp://www.iamtheanchoress.com/

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