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Toymail – The Kickstarter That Wants to Make It Fun to Little Kids to Receive Messages

By Geekasms @geekasms

Toymail; the only way to send mail to kids, allowing you to be involved in their play, has launched their Kickstarter campaign.  The concept of Toymail is unique and fresh, which is a feat all on its own, with the overly saturated world of technology.  Toymail is a new and fun way to allow parents and other adults to message their kids or family members through tier toys, allowing them to stay connected to their children, even playing with them, no matter where they are in the world.


The way to view Toymail, is to look at it like email or voicemail, but fun and engaging for your kids., as your messages are sent to toys, which speak and allow them to speak back.  You can check out more about Toymail from the video below.

I don’t highlight a lot of Kickstarters here on site, but this one I wanted to, not only because I’m a father that is away from his kids 85% of the time and this this is a great idea, but also because I’m a backer, actually this is the first Kickstarter I’ve been a back of, so I do truly believe in this idea and product.

You can check out more about Toymail and their Kickstarter here.  Be sure to check them out

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