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Tori Spelling, Captain Lee, Todd Chrisley and Jax Teller. What a Motley Tuesday Night Crew?

Posted on the 22 October 2014 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Tori Spelling, Captain Lee, Todd Chrisley and Jax Teller. What a Motley Tuesday Night Crew?
THE ANSWER TO TUESDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: Peter Krause and Josh Charles played Casey McCall and Dan Rydell on Sports Night
FIRST FIVES: Alex Nagler, Bobby Aguilera, Vince Mondano, MIke O'Dea & Elke Raskob

Sunday's Cable Top 5 Walking Dead 9p-AMC 7.7/15.1
Talking Dead-AMC 2.6/5.1
Walking Dead 8p-AMC 1.6/3.5
Real Housewives of NJ-Bravo 1.1/2.4
Boardwalk Empire-HBO .8/1.9
Monday's Broadcast Top 5 The Big Bang Theory-CBS 4.4/15.6
The Voice-NBC 3.3/11.6
Scorpion-CBS 2.4/10.5
The Blacklist-NBC 2.4/9.3
The Millers-CBS 2.2/9.1
(Gotham also did a 2.2 but 5.9 million viewers)
Monday's Cable Top 5 
Monday Night Football-ESPN 4.8/13.2
WWE-USA 1.2/3.7
Love & Hip Hop-VH1 1.2/2.2
T.I. and Tiny-VH1 .8/1.5
Fast & Loud-Discovery .8/1.7
Monday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings  WWE Monday Night Raw-USA 160,000 Tweets
Live & Hip Hop-VH1 129,000 Tweets
The Voice-NBC 71,000 Tweets
Dancing with the Stars-ABC 71,000 Tweets
Gotham-FOX 35,000 Tweets
THE SHOWS True Tori Remember the last season of True Tori and how super uncomfortable it was? It's nothing compared to this season.  Last nights season premiere was brutal. Just brutal. We SO shouldn't be watching these two. OF COURSE I watched though. I didn't turn it off, but I should have. Tori and Dean are in worse shape than ever. Back from the Summer in Malibu, all 4 kids are in school and they're faced with just each other for the first time. For some reason Tori decided that she NEEDED to see the chick Dean cheated on her with. Not sure why Courtney and Mehran thought this was a good idea. It was a BAD idea! If you recall, the girl wasn't that pretty which added to Tori's issues. If Dean would cheat with an average looking girl then anyone is fair game. I did like the moment where Tori's friend questioned Tori about sleeping with Dean when both of them were married. Even Tori referenced Karma and what a b*tch it could be. At least they are back on Dr. Wexler's couch. That woman NEEDS to write a book. I bet her files are filled with juicy celebrity stuff. Gene Simmons file alone has to be insane. Not sure why they felt they could take such a long therapy break. I'm also not sure why they weren't using any birth control. On vacation, they had sex 16 days in a row and Tori thought she was pregnant again, so we literally watched her pee on a stick.  Thankfully she wasn't but suggestion…BIRTH CONTROL! I felt bad for Tori when she found out about her show, Mystery Girls, getting cancelled the same way we did, Hollywoodreporter.com. Again…stars, they're just like us. OF COURSE I'll be back and feeling ultra guilty spying on the McDermott/Spellings next week. Of course I will. 
Below Deck Charter season is over and I'm going to miss the Ohana crew. I hope some of them are back next season. Definitely Eddie. I love that guy. Guarantee you that Kelley and Jennice won't even see one another in Lauderdale. Kelley's a total jerk. All he wanted was to get some from Jennice while they were out at see. She broke up with her boyfriend, gave Kelley a little something and then OF COURSE, he pulled away. Sure she thought they had a connection and would see each other off the boat. He played it that way, but he was totally bullish*tting her. The last charter guest was the guy who Kate made the penis blanket for this season, Dean Slover. Things went MUCH better this time though. Ben actually got dinner out on time, Kate got to throw a theme party and the crew game together and got a 16K tip. Seemed to me they blew it all on that crazy goodbye dinner though. The crew was ready for a break even though they got sentimental saying their goodbye's. They'd forgotten how much they had all gotten on each others nerves and how much they hated that damn slide all season. Bravo…please give us all a 3rd season, we LOVE this show! 
Chrisley Knows Best I'm obsessed with this family. I think it's their vanity, their southernness and of course Todd Chrisley. 2 back to back episodes last night. First the family went to Funopolis to celebrate Father's Day which was the opposite of howTodd actually wanted to spend his day. He wanted a house of quiet. He didn't want gifts, a spa day or dinner, just to be left alone. Instead, Funopolis with everyone EXCEPT Kyle, the drug addicted son and his son-in-law. He ended up having fun. Todd's Mom, Faye, is hilarious. Now we know where Todd got his insanity from. 2nd episode The Chrisley's were moving from their 30,000 square foot place to a 12,000 square foot place. Downsizing? Or were those bankruptcy/money problem rumors all true? While they were trying to move, Savannah was training for another beauty pageant, the kids were taking selfies and Todd was trying to get Julie to sneak in a BJ. I still think he's gay though. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT. Savannah's coach fired her for not doing her pageant homework and guess who stepped in? Daddy! Interesting subliminal slip for Todd if you ask me. Savannah said to her Dad, "you don't know how to do this, you're not a drag queen" and Todd responded with "You don't know that" Hmmmm, maybe I'm right!  Savannah went running back to Danita, the pageant coach, but only made it to the top 15.  Not sure if Bravo helped, but the new house sure got into a homey state with pictures on the wall and everything pretty quickly. 

Sons of Anarchy

Okay…let's see. Where to start? First some questions: Greensleeves got a song? The boys know how to use an iPad? Is Bobby alive and if he is, can he live without his eye? Will Abel tell Daddy that Grandma killed Mommy? Gemma's guilty conscience got the best of her big time didn't it? She TOTALLLLY thought Juice spilled the beans to Jax and she was going to eat it in the cabin. Psych Gem! Just a junkie who needs your help. The Jews finally got on Kurt Sutter's radar and into a script. Cox and Bagels, good one Kurt.  Adam Greenblatt the uncircumsized fake Jew didn't last long. Will Nero make it to the farm? Will Gemma go with him? He's wearing the sweater again, the good guy outfit, but Gemma's never looked worse. What's the plan for Juice in prison?Where do we know Moses Cartright from? We know him from somewhere. At this point, I think Unser, Chucky, Wendy and the boys will be the only ones left standing, but who knows. I didn't see the Bobby thing coming at all. This shows INSANE! 
-I'm so ON a roll this year with my Primetime picks. I chose Madam Secretary, Gotham and The Flash  and all of them are holding their own so far. The Flash and Jane the Virgin got full season orders and you KNOW Gotham will too. The networks REALLY need me during pilot season. I am good at this!  No surprise about FX cancelling The Bridge. Never seemed to build a huge following. It probably should have been one and done. No clue at all baout Z Nation, but for all of you Syfy fans, it's been renewed for a second season. Congrats.
-No offense to Barbara Walters, but didn't you retire? Bored already huh? Babs is coming out of the Park Avenue pad to present us all with this years 10 Most Fascinating People on 12/14. I wonder if she'll know who most of them even are at this point.
-I'm not a huge Boomer Esaison fan at all. Mainly because of how he treated Kelly Ripa when he was trying out for the co-host thing. Had to laugh when I read that the Hallmark Channel named him Commissioner of the First Feline Football League. How much money did they pay him to take that thing on? I gotta think Cartman and his football pals will bust his [email protected] big time when they see him report on the scouting combine, the pre-season games and playoffs leading up to Kitten Bowl II during Super Bowl. Good move, Boomer.
-Hey NY Big Brother fans, guess who's going to Broadway to be in Rock of Ages? Frankie Grande! I've seen Rock of Ages a few times already. If you haven't, now's the time! Go see it with Frankie in it.
-A few of you guys posted on your Facebook pages and texted me about a 6th Season of Breaking Bad. NOT HAPPENING. It's just a crowd funding thing and a pipe dream. SORRRRRRY
Wednesday's Trivia Question: Who is the creator/writer/producer of TGS?
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