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  • The Best Time To Be A Kid

    Best Time

    ralph’s pajamas // ralph’s hat It is still so crazy to think that last Christmas it was just me and Wade. As cliche as this sounds, I cannot remember what life... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Amy Havins
  • Behind the Scenes - How to Navigate and Secure a Campaign

    Behind Scenes Navigate Secure Campaign

    For all those who are under the impression that fashion blogging is all about pretty girls in pretty clothes, fancy shoes and top-of-the-line handbags, posing... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Saumya Shiohare
  • How to Customize Your Smartphone

    Customize Your Smartphone

    Customizing your phone will allow you to create a device that reflects your personality. You can, therefore, transform your standard electronic into something... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Rahulthepcl
  • 7 Foods That Help You Quit Smoking

    Foods That Help Quit Smoking

    Want to Quit Smoking? Smoking is injurious to health and that's a well-known fact around the globe. Regular or chain smoking can lead to lung cancer and yet mos... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Ukfashionablefoodz
  • How Can Exercise Help You Gain More Self-Control?

    Exercise Help Gain More Self-Control?

    by: Stefan SimonovicPexels Stock PhotoA well-developed self-control isn’t just the ability not to say all that comes to our mind to our boss, but it’s also abou... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Runningatom
  • Yes.


    So I've been in "yes mode"...... Just saying yes to my life and what I want and need in this season and it's been good. I'm more comfy with myself, and I... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Jenrene
  • Fajita Chicken Bake

    Fajita Chicken Bake

    I have a confession. I can be rather lazy when it comes to every day ordinary cooking. I love good food, but I usually try to get to good food in the easiest wa... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Mariealicerayner
  • Culture Shock

    Culture Shock

    Film: Captain Fantastic Format: DVD from Northern Illinois University Founders Memorial Library on laptop. A few years ago, the documentary Surfwise showed up o... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Sjhoneywell
  • Why Should You Choose the 100% Human Hair Wigs

    Should Choose 100% Human Hair Wigs

    Wig is a fashion mark since it came to the world and it seems to be necessary for modern life already. According to the researches by famous fashion magazines,... Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Zhangyaohui
  • "Your Mind is Blank and Empty"

    "Your Mind Blank Empty"

    Or: how to review a performance of a piece you've heard too many times. by Paul J. Pelkonen No that is not my head. I have hair. Read more

    The 06 november 2017 by   Superconductor

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