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Top Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations

Posted on the 26 May 2011 by Alison_wood @midnight_eden

Top Eco-Friendly Travel DestinationsWith the explosion of the very popular “green movement” around the world, more and more vacation spots are advertising the “eco-friendliness” of their specific location.

Different travelers want different experiences out of their destinations, and it can be hard to wade through the advertising and get real, substantive information on locations. Here, we’ve compiled a list of three great locations along with some awesome reasons why they may be a perfect fit for adventure-bound travelers.

1. Celestun Special Biosphere Reserve – Yucatan, Mexico

Far from the tumultuous US/Mexico border lies the beautiful and pristine Yucatan peninsula. Not only are the people amazingly friendly and welcoming of eco-tourists, but there is an amazing natural draw to the whole area. Known as one of the most biologically diverse areas in the Americas, the Yucatan peninsula supports a thriving 146,000 acre park where Celestun operates. While there, tourists are able to view over 300 species of birds– many being endemic to the region– and a lush variety of sea and plant life. Their guided boat rides are a very popular way to experience this great wild place. Accommodations are low impact, so effects to the local environment are low. Also, funds from the resort go toward various local conservation initiatives.

2. Kodiak Adventures Lodge – Kiliuda Bay, Kodiak Island, Alaska

Kodiak Adventures Lodge is the perfect escape for eco-tourists looking to get a taste of pure Alaskan coastal wilderness. Home to the largest brown bears on the face of the planet, Kodiak’s fisheries support some of the most diverse marine animal communities on Earth. It is not uncommon to see pods of humpback whales or orcas breeching and playing in the bay, while simultaneously seeing otters cracking open mussels on the beach. The lodge has shifted to the use of entirely green energy to power the buildings on the property, recently installing a small hydro generator. Kodiak Adventures Lodge is a family business, creating a very comfortable atmosphere while tourists are enjoying this pristine, and utterly remote Alaskan treasure.

3. Rock Harbor Lodge – Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

It is difficult to find such remote and pristine wilderness in the lower 48 United States like can be found at Rock Harbor Lodge. Located in the remote woodlands surrounding Lake Superior, Rock Harbor Lodge enjoys a prime location in one of the most remote National Parks in the entire United States. The lodge is part of the Forever Resorts family. Forever Resorts is known for the “Forever Earth” initiative, which gives preference to sustainable and environmentally conscious vendors in all of its business operations. All resorts in the Forever Resorts family also take part in numerous local conservation initiatives to not only help mitigate their environmental impact, but progress the cause of conservation wherever they operate.

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