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Top Dishes That You Must Try at the Best Andhra Restaurant in Bangalore

By Sharemyknowledge @shareuknow

One of the amazing cuisines…Indian cuisine is well known for spicy foods. Both North Indian and South Indian dishes are prepared liberally with mixed spices. Though some dishes and their preparations are different from region to region, the spices are the same. Whichever cuisine might be, it is been created by the local ingredients from that particular region. Likewise, Andhra is a great producer of red chili, rice and millets and thus making the spiciest South Indian cuisine in the World. It is prepared in traditional methods and with authentic taste. After Mughal conquer, it has influenced so much in food that created a fusion of Andhra and Hyderabad cuisine. It is now available all around the world, Andhra foods from Bangalore to New york.
Specialties…..Curries, snacks, and sweets are prepared traditionally. Some dishes name might be same, taste differs little from region to region within the state. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian and coastal foods are predominantly prepared with the same ingredients, making the spiciest and best of Indian Cuisine. Pickles are important in Andhra cuisine prepared with hot and spicy ingredients. Pappu, gongura, koora, Dosa, idli are common in Homes. Millets, lentils, and rice is a staple food here. Jaggery is also one of the main ingredient used in some foods.Andhra restaurant in Bangaloreis in every corner. The best and authentic Andhra style foods are available in one place, Nandhana Palace. TOP DISHES THAT YOU MUST TRY AT THE BEST ANDHRA RESTAURANT IN BANGALORE

This Nandhana has many branches serving the best Andhra style foods in Bangalore. Nandhana Palace, Nandhana banquets, Nandhana mithai, Nandhana Caterers and Nandhana Hotels can be seen in the major localities across the city. It was awarded for the best Andhra cuisine hotel and the best Hospitality. The food here is prepared with the finest ingredients to serve the traditional and authentic foods with the richest taste.  Andhra food online order is also available.

Having finest in vegetarian…..
There are many varieties of foods, like in vegetarian breakfast, upma varieties are prepared with broken wheat, sooji flour, vermicelli, etc. Varieties of vada, i.e fried lentils based food prepared like ThapalaChekkalu, Punukulu, etc are one among the best. Poha varieties and rotis.
Mouth-watering foods are available in Andhra style restaurant in Bangalore. Meals are the best Andhra food, staring from, rice, pulihora, ghee, chapathi, sambar, rasam, curry, pachadi, koora, yogurt, sweet and finally with pickles. This full meal is a mixture of all spices in one. Served in banana leaf making it healthy food and tummy full.…...and in non-vegetarian.
Hyderabadi biryani is world-famous Andhra food. Apart from that, there are many dishes across the region is famous for its spicy and juicy foods. Chilli chicken curry, mutton pepper fry, seafood are all tamarind based foods. Other items like prawns fry and fish curries are the high lighting ones. Chicken pickles and fish pickles are also prepared here.All these amazing Andhra styled foods are available in Bangalore, having 15 branches across the city making possible for everyone to reach.
Seriously??....stop thinking and do come to have the true pleasure of having Andhra food!!!!

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