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Top Cardiac Surgeon in Mumbai Helped A Global Patient to Secure His Life

By Allyson3james

Top Cardiac Surgeon in Mumbai helped A Global Patient to secure his life

Hi, my name is BaKitabou Kassama, I am from Zambia. I have been to India for my heart treatment getting the same seeking the Top Cardiac Surgeon in Mumbai. My life was in a big mess when I came across some cardiac issues that made my life nothing but a big hell. However, with the passing time when I consulted the doctors, they said they would now need surgery to get rid of the same. Since cardiac surgery happens to be an advanced option and my country has no option to get things sorted out, I felt that I could only get at a developed nation. My doctors, however, suggested not to think of the countries like the US and the UK as they suggested me to consider India. I then headed to research the options based in India and found many more options that remain to be very much affordable with high quality.

As I researched the same I found out that there are many Medical Tourism Companies who help the global patients a lot in getting the surgeries and treatments at an alien country. They offer some of the best of the healthcare services along with other things that are required by the global patients. During the research, I came across one group called Indian Health Guru. This group has one of the best doctors and surgeons along with top hospitals in their network to give the global patients the best of the cardiac care with great assurance and performance. Thus when I found the group competent I shared my medical report and asked them to revert on this. Within a day I got the solution in the form of heart surgery, which can be organized by them at affordable healthcare package. I, therefore, gave my consent and then applied for the medical visa.

Considering my case as urgent, I got a medical visa to travel to India. As I reached I met the doctor first who happened to be the Top Cardiac Surgeon in Mumbai. He had the perfect plan and I was subjected to a few medical tests to know my medical conditions. As the reports came, I found them good to go for the doctors for the surgery. I soon saw them preparing for the surgery and soon the next day my surgery was carried out and I came out in flying colors. I am glad that I got the best result and soon got rid of the ailment I had in my body. I passed out the things right on time and soon was shifted to the ICU to monitor my conditions. The moment I found my medical conditions at par, they shifted me to the recovery room. I was for a few days till I was perfectly fine to get the discharge.

I am really pleased with the services I have got from the Medical Tourism Company. I am glad that I can get the best of the healthcare services like food, local travel, medical investigation, getting the best doctor and surgeon along with the top hospital to cater me the required surgery. I was pleased to see things working in my order and getting the surgery seeking the Top cardiac surgeon in Mumbai. Every arrangement they did seemed perfect and they came across the best of the healthcare services. I am pleased with the services of the doctor as well who remains the best in the city along with his team and other hospital staff. The hospital that gave me the treatment happens to be the best and I am glad that I got it on time. I highly recommend the doctor and surgeon for the same. Thank You All!

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