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Top 5 WTF Moments of True Blood Episode 5.03

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

WTFSQUARE Top 5 WTF Moments of True Blood Episode 5.03

This is our selection of the top 5 WTF moments of episode 5.03 – Whatever I Am, You Made Me.

What were your best WTF moments? Post about it in the comments.


In order of appearance:


1. Steve Newlin is the new Nan Flanagan

How does a 4 month old vampire get such an important position with the Authority? Sure Steve has the gift of gab but could he really sway people’s opinions and make them believe that vampires want to mainstream peacefully coexisting with humans. Four months ago he was preaching hate toward vampires but now that he’s one he wants humans to embrace them. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him. Based on his first meeting with Roman he doesn’t trust Steve either. Will Reverend Newlin’s big mouth aid the Authority’s mission or be the end of his short life as a vampire?

vlcsnap 000032 Top 5 WTF Moments of True Blood Episode 5.03


2. Sookie Kicked Pam’s ass with her faerie powers

I love the new tough empowered Sookie. It looks like she’s finally getting tired of relying on men to save her. Talk about girl power! Seeing Pam fly through the air was a total WTF moment. I thought that Sookie was going to get her ass kicked. Pam looked so shocked and pissed off. A Pam and Sookie knock down drag out fight would be great to watch!

vlcsnap 000061 Top 5 WTF Moments of True Blood Episode 5.03


3. Nora is Sanguinista member

I have to say that at first I was shocked when Nora admitted to being Sanguinista. Although we don’t know much about her, Nora just didn’t strike me as someone who would cross the Authority. The more I thought about it the more it began to make sense. Nora had already lied to the Authority to save Eric and Bill. The writer in me took over and I started imagining many different reasons for her admission. She may have been telling the truth but she could just as easily be deceiving them yet again. I can’t wait until Sunday to see what happens!

vlcsnap 000072 Top 5 WTF Moments of True Blood Episode 5.03


4. Lafayette’s possessed

When Lafayette snapped at Arlene I just thought he was stressed out.  A lot has been going on in his life. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him poor a whole bottle of bleach in the pot of gumbo. As soon as I saw that Lafayette’s reflection was the demon that once possessed Jesus it made since. I was shocked to see that the demon still inhabited his body. I assumed that when Marnie was forced out of Lafayette the demon she took from Jesus left too.  It looks like Lafayette’s life isn’t going to calm down anytime soon.

vlcsnap 000091 Top 5 WTF Moments of True Blood Episode 5.03


5. Tara goes tanning

Talk about fake and bake. When Tara got in that tanning bed and turned it on it was a total WTF moment. Tara isn’t taking being turned into a vampire well but I didn’t think she would try to kill herself. I wonder if Pam is going to let her go through with it. I really hope Tara’s time as a vampire isn’t short lived. She needs to pull it together and enjoy her second chance at life. Tara could be an awesome vampire if she learns to embrace it.

vlcsnap 000112 Top 5 WTF Moments of True Blood Episode 5.03


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