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Top 5 Sites I Love to Stalk... Er, I Mean, Visit

By Dotchi Latham @DotchiLatham
We all have sites we love to stalk or visit. Here is a list of my favorite 5 sites.
Favorite Site I Love to Visit #1
That Guy with the Glasses: This guy is seriously hilarious! Home of the Nostalgia Critic and 5 second movies, he reviews movies in a hilarious fashion. My absolute, you must watch these, favorite reviews are The Care Bears Movie and Drop Dead Fred. If you don't go to the site for anything else, you HAVE to watch these!
Favorite Site I Love to Visit #2
ProBlogger If you are a blogger, you will probably love this site as much as I do. Darren runs other blogs as well but Problogger is a great source for any blogger. He has resources for building a successful blog, Articles about making money while blogging and an impressive archive to browse.
Favorite Site I Love to Visit #3
The Incoherent Ramblings of a Single Parent What do I love so much about this one? It's not your typical "Mom blog" where mommy boasts about every wonderful detail of her sweet precious child. She is realistic and funny about parenting and life. From her blog description, you will enjoy reading about " tales of cannibalistic sheep, bullying spiders and the fact that my child is evil." and "All stories are true, slightly embellished and always exaggerated." I mean, how can you not love a blogger that posts a pic of a naked man with donuts? 
Favorite Sites I Love to Visit #4 This is my brain. This is my brain on internet crack. I love my brain. iGoogle is my first place to go to in the morning. By "morning", I really mean "whenever I wake up". It has so many things I can add to it that my brain could go into overload. Not only can I read news, see google trends, play games, translate a website, check out a new recipe and get driving directions to the closest store (it's right outside my window btw) I can also check email, check out my google reader, get to my documents, see all my photos from the last ten years and everything else I drool over google for! I love Google!
Favorite Sites I Love to Visit #5
Youtube Yup, I am lame. Youtube is the place I want to go when i want to rot my brain. Oh sure, I can watch something that is educational... but I can also watch bloopers, see cute kittens attack a kid, watch a gang fight, see some guy hit his girlfriend and pretty much anything I want to watch when I am supposed to be blogging.
Now that I've shared my favorite sites, share some of yours with me!From The Baker's Acres! Read more at

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