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Top 5 Public Health India Twitter Persona to Follow 1.0

Posted on the 02 September 2015 by Soumyadeepb

Here is my pick for the must-follow super smart twitter accounts for those interested about Public Health in India. Not ranked and completely biased but worth checking out . Not following either of these might mean you miss an awful lot . Here it goes :

  • @epigiri    Curates Epi Times – a daily dose of interesting published work in public health globally . Tweets 234px-Twitter_Logo_Mini.svgabout public health issues in India particularly in policy circles .
  • @AnantBhan   The most avid twitter person in the list. Ethics, Health Policy, Latest Public Health Updates and activism. Nothing escapes the eagle eye.
  • @scepticemia  Tweets about anything that catches his fancy- Public Health , Medical History and Humanities, Zoonoses and Emerging Infections. He is the ‘original’ RxStar of the public health blogging microcosm in India.
  • @tribalnevin  Equity, tuberculosis . smoking and health systems are his favorite, but there is more on everything all the time
  • @trished  Strictly should not fill the bill as the tweets do not originate from India. But the list would have been incomplete if I did not mention this. A lot that happens from India (or for that matter most parts of the world) feature in the feed.

Did I miss someone interesting on twitter ? Drop me in comments below so that I can add it in future versions.

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Image Courtesy : Wikimedia under  Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

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