Top 5 Gorgeous Trendy Short Women’s Hairstyles

Posted on the 18 June 2017 by Rick Diaz

Trendy short haircuts are so classic that it is always a choice among women who want to revitalize their hairstyle. It can be described as a hair trend that is both comfy and fashionable. It is not only advisable during hot days like summer but it is definitely a hairstyle for all seasons. If you are confused on which gorgeous short hairstyles to have, this article is perfect for you.

  1. Caressed Bob

A bob cut is one of the most favorite trendy short haircuts for women. Since it is very popular, it has already evolved into several variants of its cut, one of which is the caressed bob. This is the kind of bob that has a pleasant looking roundness and is accompanied by edgy layers which frame the face perfectly. It is heaviest on top of the ears and then with thinner layers caressing the side of the face. One short hair tip that you can do with this is to color it with an intense hue like red or blonde.

  1. New pixie

A gorgeous short hairstyle like pixie should always be included in the top 5 trendy short haircuts. If you are not aware of what a pixie haircut is, you can think about Peter Pan’s fairy sidekick Tinkerbell who sprinkles pixie dust to do magic. With a pixie haircut, you can do magic on your hair as well especially with the new pixie cut. This new pixie has pointed and edgy layers on the sides, back, and on the bangs as well. Because of the geometrical definitions of this hairstyle, you will surely turn heads.

  1. The Super Shorty

This super short hairstyle can be done by creating a star-like texture of cuts on your hair. The layers, like s star should be cut in a multi-directional nature. A short hair tip to make this hairstyle look more edgy is to have the hair at the back cut very short and then longer as it is cut continuously going to the front. This trendy short haircut is for those who are willing to get a unique, jagged look.

  1. Fluffy and wavy

If you are into trendy short haircuts which are light in the head, this is the one for you. Albeit with its wavy and fluffy texture, this hairstyle can look superb. It’s the best option if you have wavy or curly hair – but for those with straight hair, there are curling tools which you can use to achieve this gorgeous short hairstyle. The more waves and curves in your short hair, the better. You can liven it up more with coloring it brown and spilling over some highlights of golden hues.

  1. Postmodern trendy short haircut

This is an ultimately different kind of a short hairstyle. It’s eclectic and unorthodox style will have you really feeling like a whole new person if you wear this. This haircut is precisely cut close to the scalp and initially topped by spikes then later on with a sleek layer of longer hair. Pair these with diagonally cut bangs that reach your upper cheekbone. Dye this fierce haircut with gold or copper to add momentum.

Experiment this season with these 5 trendy short haircuts and experience a whole new level of fun. Having a short hair is both fashionable and very convenient especially if you are a woman that is always on the go. Follow these short hair tips and you’ll never regret saying goodbye to your long hair.

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