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Top 10 Things to Do in Rome With Kids and Families

By Peppertan

If you are heading to Rome for a vacation, the Italian city has plenty to offer for kids and families. As the capital of Italy, there is a whole host of exciting attractions and excursions to partake in that can be fun for every age group. Here are the top 10 things to do in Rome with kids and as a family, ensuring your trip to the Eternal City is one you’ll never forget.

Visit the Colosseum

No trip to Rome is complete with a visit to the Colosseum. With millions of visitors heading to Rome’s iconic amphitheater each year, your kids can take in some of the most fascinating tales of ferocious lions and gladiators. There are Colosseum underground tours that let you explore behind the scenes, helping you get more of an insight into what the ancient city is all about. The attraction can get incredibly busy at the best of times, so it’s advisable to visit first thing in the morning or after 2 pm.

Climb St Peter’s Dome

With a range of museums and fascinating art treasures to discover, the Vatican can be challenging when you have kids in tow. However, one great way to keep your children happy is by climbing St Peter’s dome. Regarded as one of Michelangelo’s greatest achievements, you can climb the dome as a family. To get to the summit, you can either walk up the 551 stairs or take a lift. However, you decide to do it, it’s a steep climb, so it’s best to not take young toddlers or those who suffer from vertigo.

The Trevi Fountain

No matter the age range, you are all bound to enjoy the Trevi Fountain. As a tourist to the city, you can’t leave Rome without visiting one of the most breathtaking and largest fountains. Once there, make sure you have some coins on you to throw into the water. Each day, large crowds form around the fountain, with over €3,000 being thrown in on an average day! If you’re wondering what happens to your money, you will be happy to know that the coins are collected and given to a Catholic charity in the area.

Stunning Views

Keeping your kids entertained throughout your vacation may seem like an impossible task. However, as Rome has so many impressive views to check out, your kids are sure to be mesmerized by what’s ahead. You must take a visit to the Vittoriano, which is situated on Piazza Venezia. The colossal white structure is known as a monument to the first king of Italy (Vittorio Emanuele II) where you can find several galleries and museums. Most importantly, the area provides visitors with some of the most stunning views that Rome has to offer.

Head to the Park

If you are heading to Rome in the summer months, getting outdoors and exploring Villa Borghese (Rome’s central park) is a must. With 80-hectares of oasis green to explore, there are a ton of family-friendly attractions and activities to check out, such as the Bioparco (Rome’s zoo), as well as the Giardino del Lago where you can hit the lake and rent out a rowing boat. Bikes can also be hired out to get around with ease.

Check Out the Catacombs

If you’re looking for something spooky, you must check out Rome’s catacombs. With the subterranean tunnels once been used by the early Christians to bury their loved ones, you can expect to be surrounded by dark and creepy skeletons. Therefore, a visit to the Catacombs is not suitable for kids under seven.

Campo de’ Fiori

A trip to this thriving market square can put you in touch with a wide selection of vendors who provide some of the best fresh produce around. There are tons of stalls that include clothing, jewelry, and toys, meaning your kids are sure to be occupied. Spending time at the Campo de’ Fiori can be a fantastic day out, allowing you to explore the kiosks to find some exciting gifts to bring home with you.

Ostia Antica

Located around 40 minutes outside of Rome, taking a commuter train to Ostia Antica is another fun activity to do as a family. Known as Rome’s ancient seaport, you can find well-preserved ruins in this Roman town. What’s more, the area houses several baths, temples, bakeries, and more, meaning there is something fun to check out no matter what the age range of your kids. However, bear in mind that the area is huge, so a lot of walking is required. Also, the site isn’t stroller-friendly, meaning it’s best to avoid visiting if your kids are 5 or under.

Trastevere Neighborhood

Many families want to escape the touristy areas, so why not pay a visit to Trastevere neighborhood? Full of non-touristy restaurants and quirky shops, you can engage with the friendly locals and check out some of the most beautiful monuments of Rome, such as the Santa Maria church. To take in some gorgeous views of the city, a short but uphill walk can find you at the Gianicolo, enabling you to take in Rome from above.


One of the most popular child-friendly attractions that are sure to be a hit with your kids is Explora. The dedicated kids’ museum is only a short stroll from the Flaminio metro station. Tailored towards kids under 12, you can expect to find a range of hands-on displays, interactive exhibits, and exciting water features. There are also workshops, which allow your kid’s creative side to come out. Visits to the museum are in two-hour time slots, so it’s always best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

With so much to see and do, trying to cram everything in may be a challenge. Therefore, before you head to Rome, make sure to note down the types of attractions that your kids seem interested in. Whether it’s a trip to the Colosseum or a day out at the Explora museum, there’s bound to be something for you all to enjoy as a family when in Rome.

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