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Too Faced Natural at Night Palette Review and Swatches

By Urhappybunnie @joaniebunnie
I was going to do a review on this particular palette weeks ago but I was giving myself time to change my first opinion on this palette but sad to say, it didn't. I personally find this palette as a disappointment. Well before any of you guys cross out this palette on your to-buy list, check out the pros and cons of this palette first.
Too Faced Natural at Night Palette Review and Swatches
This palette comes with 9 shadows in beautiful neutral shades that can go from day to night and has a great selection of shades that will help you attain a sexy smokey eye. The price is very reasonable at $36.
Too Faced Natural at Night Palette Review and Swatches
Too Faced Natural at Night Palette Review and Swatches
Full Moon: A gold shadow that is overloaded with glitter -Very pretty but the glitter fallouts are unbearable and it's not as pigmented as it was in the pan.
Night Light: Similar to Full Moon in texture and finish, it is a champagne shade with a lot of glitter. This is also not as pigmented as it was in the pan and there are a lot of fallouts.
Spotlight: A yelllow based cream shade that has a matte finish. This shadow is very similar to UD Foxy.
Night Cap: A light brown with a satin finish
After Hours: Another satin finish shadow in rose gold color that reminds me of UD Toasted although After Hours is lighter.
Moon Stone: An olive green satin shadow that is one of my fave shadows in this palette.
Cocoa Star: The other matte shadow along with Spotlight. Cocoa Star is a very pigmented chocolate brown shade.
Eclipse: An intense brown with red undertones and a satin finish. This is my fave shadow in the palette.
Night Fever: A brown black shadow with a lot of gold glitters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
My primary problem with this palette are the glitters. Although only three shadows have glitters, two of them are the major shadows which are such a waste, The fallouts are actually not my major problem but the texture of the glitters itself. The glitters are chunky and whenever I use it it always goes in my eyes and it hurts. :( I've been using Urban Decay shadows and some of them have major glitter fallouts too (Midnight Rodeo and Sidecar) but never did the UD glitter hurt my eyes, I am very disappointed that the two shadows (Night Light and Spotlight) that I expected I would really like ended up being my least fave.
In conclusion, this palette is reasonably priced with the amount of eyeshadows that you're getting, plus it has how-to cards that will help you achieve certain looks using the palette. The main concern about this palette is the pigmentation of some of the shadows and the chunky glitter fallouts. Perhaps this is the reason why Too Faced has their Glitter Glue Primer in order to remedy the situation. Since I have not tried out that particular  product, I cannot attest to it's effectiveness in holding glitter shadows however using a regular eyeshadow primer did make the shadows last all throughout the day on my lids though it didn't help adhere the glitters.
That sums up my review on the Too Faced Natural at Night Palette. Any questions or comments are welcome. Please follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates: urhappybunnie :))
Too Faced Natural at Night Palette Review and Swatches

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