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Tomorrow Will Mark the End of One of the Worst Moments Of...

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Tomorrow will mark the end of one of the worst moments of my life (right there with Evyns birth and Danny and Pey's wreck).
Daddy had a heart cath ran a couple weeks ago and it was discovered that he had three blockages. I have blogged this previously. a week ago today he went in to see his Dr. with the results and she immediately put him in a wheel chair and sent him a hour away to BG. I went and grabbed Peyton from football practice and brought him home to stay with Evyn. I Packed Eli and Zac in the van, packed Daddy, Mommy and their things and took straight off to BG with them. Surgery was scheduled for the next morning.  Dad insisted we come home to rest and come back early Friday morning.
Friday morning I rose up at 3 a.m. to find everything was coated in ice, just as the weather center predicted. Ugh. My sitters slide in here by four and I was off to get Mom. That drive was the worst few hours on the road I have every experienced. Roads were closed. Interstate was closed. A forty five minute drive took me 2 1/2 hours. We were all sick by the time we rolled in scared they would take Dad back before we were able to see him.
We soon learned heart enzymes levels were elevated and indicated a heart attack in the 24 hours. Surgery was postponed and done the following Monday after his heart had a couple days to rest. Monday morning I was up by 2 a.m. and out the door again same as the mornings before.
At 5a.m on the dot they came after him. We said our "see you in a little while's" and found our spot to wait. It was almost a seven hour wait for the triple bypass before we were allowed back to see him the first time after surgery.
The first time was a bit of a shock.  I had mentally prepared myself already.......I thought. Nothing can prepare you to see that. Dad was still on a ventilator and hooked up to dozens of IV's, tubes and monitors. No one would stand close to him, as if he were porcelain. I was the only one who touched him. I stood his bed and rubbed his head. I watched saliva bubble up in his mouth every time the the vent would push air into his chest. he had one eye slightly opened. It was his right eye. His color was good. I expected him to appear ashy but he wasn't. He never moved, but something told me he knew I was there.
The second visit was harder then the first. The vent had been removed and he was just beginning to wake. He was in pain. He mumbled only a few one syllable words. Me and Momma went together. Two at a time rules. He was able to get out "chest hurts" "time?" and "love ya'll". His color was worse and to me he seemed worse then when I saw him on the vent. At least then he was comfortable it seemed. I went back to the waiting room and sat down before I hit the floor. I knew it was coming and so did everyone else in the waiting room. I felt the blood leave my face. How I gathered my thoughts I have no idea. I kept thinking "not now" and somehow fought it.
The third visit was completely different. Daddy was felling good and talking better. Four hours had passed since that awful second visit and he was very medicated. He made me laugh when he very slowly and very slurred said  "they told me I can't sing for two months but I think they are wrong. Matter of fact......I think I'm gonna sing now."  And also, " I feel good. Better then I have felt in like.....ever."   :)  We asked him if he knew how many times we had been in to see him. Thinking his response would be "2" he said "3". He knew I was there the first visit. Even on a vent with one eye slightly open he knew I was rubbing his hair. I knew he did.
After that visit we went home to rest. Tuesday, Wednesday and today have strengthened him. Today his drainage tube was removed and tomorrow I am bringing him home. I don't know who will be happier, his Momma or his dog. Granny has called me about twenty times daily crying and wanting to know where Dad is. We have told her but her memory is bad and she keeps forgetting.
Last Friday's drive was yucky and it looks like tomorrows will be too, but that's ok. The ride tomorrow will still be a celebration.

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