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Tolerance Vs Intolerance...and the Control for the Hearts & Minds of Today's Society

Posted on the 22 June 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
BY RF Schatten
It 'is' a Long and Winding long is it going to take America to understand
that unless We, The People really get off our asses, perform our civic duty, and truly express our anger and discontent...absolutely nothing is going to change?? Evil exists, whether in the form of those good people who idly stand-by, watch and do
nothing, White Racial Supremacists, your everyday Racist & Bigot, whether it's those Voices in the Media (primarily Fox) baiting them all on...your paid in full Politico, who makes his fair share from his benefactors by instituting friendly beneficial laws in their
behalf...or arms profiteers, who really don't give a shit either way who shoots who!!
“Take a moment to Pray for Peace and Harmony among the People of Different Colors”
said Paul McCartney at the Firefly Music Festival after singing "The Long and Winding Road" followed by "Blackbird"...'take these broken wings and learn to fly'!... dedicated in a tribute to the nine Charleston victims.
How many more dead people is it going to take? how many more children have to die for
someone to say enough is enough? We live in statistically, the most violent country in the world!...and we have the cojones to condemn other Countries for their policies, their treatment and their violence?!?!
The hate for Blacks and the extermination of a race by someone who proudly wears a
Confederate Flag Patch, along with patches of Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia any other term...pure unadulterated Racism...and his Manifesto? Dylann Roof is just one of many characters just following their family legacy of Racism, Bigotry, Hate, and sheer
ignorance. How to deal with the uneducated mind of Racists and Bigots, is the national question that must be taken up, before more die!
Republicans in general agree on the Charleston crime: Blatantly open racist, seriously intending to start a Racist Civil War with the precise intention of the extermination of the Black Race from the face of this earth...but a political year brings out the degenerate hypocrisy in the intelligent politician, playing up to their only Base left on
their dance card...the Far Right and Evangelical Christianity. "Oh! it was an accident" "What could’ve caused someone to do that?" Remarks by GOP leaders in South if the Confederate Flag proudly flying in top of the South Carolina Capitol had no meaning whatsoever?? Is it ignorance? or self-defiance in behalf of the OldSouth?...taking down the Flag is just a political symbolic gesture, in this case, a good move to cool things off...but it doesn't change who they are, and how they think and feel.
America's culture and love for violence...since the time you're growing up, playing Cowboys and Indians... hoping to be the Cowboy because he was always the good guy who wins at the end! The mindset of Bigotry towards others is a nourishment for the soul, early in life...Girls play with Dolls, Boys play Soldier...instill that competitive machismo. John Wayne and Rambo...the eternal promotion of War and Violence through films and's Americana, part of American Exceptionalism; an all powerful and invincible America. To the rest of the world, we're just the Ugly American...trying to push diplomatically or forcefully the promotion of Peace and Democracy to every country on Earth, while ignoring those same values and promises...and the very needs of its
own population!
We're living in a Gunmania's not about Hunting or the Lawful licensed use for's a culture of violence, about Fear instilled by Fear-mongers, about the interpretation of an Amendment written for 'their times' over 200 years ago. The promotion of the Fear of Violence...setting Laws that promote crime, promotes more fear and the hate that comes with it. “Stand Your Ground” is just a Legal Excuse to shoot someone you don't like”. The Open sale of assault weapons and the laws allowing uneducated assholes to carry them into supermarkets, restaurants, churches, all strapped to their back!! The Open-Carry Gun Laws passed by Republicans and cheered by the
NRA...just to show how tough these morons can look and exhibit themselves in public. Not just a little gun...fricken assault weapons! 
My question is what the fuck are they trying to prove, besides looking like a bunch of assholes playing John Wayne and Rambo? For their information; John Wayne was an alcoholic, a philanderer, married multiple times, and everything opposite his
American Red, White, and Blue Macho “Duke” persona...whose real name was Marion and wasn't even a real cowboy! And Rambo? he's a little 5' 8” guy with the most famous “Elevator Shoes” since another tough guy...Alan Ladd!
Violent video games rank on top of the Game Charts. Magazines promoting Guns and WarTo the dismay of self-deniers...times does move forward and evolves, and what some
things were meant to be 200something years ago, were never feasible for generations 200 years later. Thomas Jefferson visioning what was coming ahead believed the Constitution should be Changed or Revised every 20 years or so. “A little Revolution now and then”, doesn't mean arm rebellion!!'s about the Revolution of the mind, of thoughts and progression as we evolve as a Nation!
Why doesn't any legislature or anyone try to do something about it? More school shootings, more little boys and little girls having their lives ended because no one gives a shit. The NRA? Give the teachers guns! Guns! Guns! Guns! Guns for everybody...cause you never know who's going to stand his ground! Open-Carry into Churches, into Grocery Stores,
Dept. Stores, Restaurants, and Bars!!...cause no one ever ever causes trouble in a Bar?!?!
Does the NRA give a damn about how many people die? Does the Gun Industry care how many people die? They're in the business of making $$$...without remorse, they'll sell guns to all sides...and if they don't give a shit about how much they destroy in this country?...why would they really give a damn what country destroys what other country, as long as those Guns and Bullets say “Made in the USA”! $$$ No matter who wins or
loses...they always come out ahead!!
Denying Racism by spinning it as if they were the victims. It's quickly becoming another losing issue for Conservatives. They are the poor victims of a war by the entire world on their matter whether is race, ethnicity, other religions, or other social ideology...they just want their fricken Armageddon already, at any cost!! And the Gun
Industry is there to grant their wishes...for a price!
Rep. Steve King: Unrestricted access to guns is a ‘higher calling’ than stopping ‘one event of violence’

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