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Toddlers & Tiaras: It’s Time To Put On Your Gatsby Glitz And Flapper Dress. It’s The Roaring Trystian Pageant!

By Danthatscool @DanScontras


I tried asking my Director friend Carol what really went down in Vegas, but she’s still curled up in a ball and won’t answer her cell.


The best thing about one baby running down the hall and another one lost in the elevator is that I have both hands free to cut a bitch.


Oh. Hell. No.


Imma ’bout ready to throw this baby on the floor and show you how the gurlz all multi-task back at HoodRat Hair Salon.


Luckily, Mommy showed me how to snatch a weave on my own, just in case we’re running a little behind schedule.


Sometimes if you squeeze them real tight right here, they actually go to sleep for awhile and I can finally catch up on all my stories.


And then you grab it like this and drag her backwards down the stairs. Unless she’s wearing a lace front and then you can just pluck it off.


Not gonna lie. That crazy bitch walked in and I literally pooped glitter right there in the hotel lobby.

Oh, yeah.

Now we’re talking.

I’ve said it a number of times before and it still stands.  There’s nothing I really love more than a big, steaming, juicy helping of Hot Mess.  Nothing.

Except for maybe multiple servings of the same Hot Mess, of course.  Then I may need a moment or two alone just to process everything on my plate and to get my equilibrium leveled off.

Like the latest installment of Toddlers & Tiaras & Trystian. 

Wha–?  That’s right, haters.

The Mom who put the Hood in Hood Rat and the Weave on Crooked is baaaaack!

And Trystian Janeace Barnes Smith is not just a mouthful, bitches.

She’s also quite a (bleepin’) handful.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, mmmkay?  First things first.

This week it was the prohibition themed Angel Face Roaring ’20s Pageant in White Plains, NY.  Flapper girls, gangsters and Gatsby Glitz as far as the eye could see.

Pageant Director Debbie Smith explained the whole process in such a calm, low key manner that at first I thought she was just pretending to be a director and we were all being punk’d on MTV.  I mean, there’s no way that anyone in the kiddie pageant industry could be that chillaxed, right?  No way.

But she was.  And she looked so familiar it was driving me crazy, until I realized that she waited on me one time in the Curtain Department at JCPenney.  I swear she did.

Either that, or she looks exactly like everyone who ever worked in the Curtain Department at JCPenney.  Those really friendly, soft spoken women who smell nice that used to cut fabric bolt yardage until the store got rid of the Notions Department and they had to transfer or go work at Joanne’s down the street.


The Supreme Deep Dish winner of this week’s pageant would be the lucky one to take home either a $3,400 sapphire ring or a massively massive $5,000 Queen’s Castle bed/playhouse looking thing.  If your town’s zoning ordinances allowed it, that is.

Don’t ask.  You could literally park a car inside the thing it was so huge.  I have no idea why these people keep giving away such ginormous prizes when we’ve all seen the tiny homes that these people live in during filming.  Plus…what do the little boys in the competition get for showing up to the party?  I totally saw boys in the ‘hood this week.

If they plan on sending a dude home with a two story Queen’s Castle bedroom set, then I hope the Angel Face Pageant People are also going to supply the poor guy with 24 hour onsite security for life, because that kid is getting beat up twice before he even exits the ballroom.  Three times if you count his brother giving him a purple nurple.

It should probably also be pointed out that I’ve never met one preschooler who has ever asked Santa Claus for a $3,400 sparkling sapphire ring, so I don’t know who picked these prizes this week.

The first little princess wannabe was 3 year old Brooklyn and Mom Ashley.

Initially, I thought that Brooklyn was already in her flapper costume because she had one of those really cute, really round 1920′s faces that looked like she was BFFs with Buckwheat and had the Target dog as her family pet.

Mom was as cheap as they come, in a good way, and was proudly trying to bring the whole pageant weekend in at around $300, which is redoink if you know anything about pageants.  Armed with a $10 romper and a can of Krylon, I bet she probably came in under budget, which would explain the extra cash for all those chicken and biscuits she kept burping up during her interviews.

Chew your food slowly, honey.  I like your glasses.

Brooklyn was at that stage where she still didn’t use any punctuation in her sentences and hadn’t quite yet figured out how to smoothly transition between subjects, which I guess would explain why she liked to be in pageants and go on stage and poop glitter on the toilet while flying in spaceships to the zoo and knitting a piggy bank sweater with flowers on it but didn’t know how to make cupcakes even though she had the world’s largest Easy Bake oven in the background the whole time she was rambling.


Yeah.  It was like that.  And then she fell off that slippery T&T stool a few times.


And speaking of messin’ yo’ face up…

Trystian was back, yo.  With frizzy haired 1 year old daughter Kelsie, her highly rambunctious big brother Angel and about 40 TLC censor guys with their sweaty fingers on the button.  And in case you wondering, she was back because you’re all bitches.

The last time we saw Trystian, she was throwing down (…Englewood Hood Rat Style…) out in Vegas at the California Tropic Sugar & Spice Pageant, getting all up in Director Carol Fleming‘s heavily eyebrowed face and being accused of unsportsmanlike conduct.  Which I guess is pageant talk for threatening to kill somebody with your bare hands.

There was also that whole annoyance when she was booty kicked out of the pageant by Carol’s awkwardly attired husband.  And when she called the Pageant Po Po.  And pretty much swore and sweat right through her Gangnam Style t-shirt as she dragged her two kids around the hotel like recyclable Whole Foods bags.  Outta my way, bitch.

And now she was back.  With a new weave and the same old (bleeped) out mouth.

The kind of mouth that never stops in front of the kids, and the kind of weave that has that zig zaggy part on top where you’re never quite certain if it’s intentional or not but it’s clearly not growing out of her head because no scalp meat shows in bright sunlight.

Girlfriend doesn’t have a filter, but she definitely has a flat iron.

Hot Mess…your table is ready.

Trystian explained that if YOU are gonna be a bitch and get all ghetto, then SHE is gonna be a bitch and get all ghetto.  Cuz that’s how she rolls when she’s not on her meds.  And then her baby said “Bitch” and the future of our country became clear to me before the first commercial break.

Remember when this show was just about Toddlers eating sugar and drinking coffee?

If you’re pressed for time and need to go, the rest of the show was basically Trystian swearing, Angel running around the hotel like a puppy that just jumped his invisible electric fence and Kelsie crying and falling down over and over.  And over.


Rinse and Repeat.

If you can stick around, I bet there will be some real good shiz coming up.  I mean, there has to be if everyone was already at the hotel within the first 15 minutes of this week’s episode.  I guess practicing your finger kisses at the Elks Lodge and getting a kitchen table spray tan are for (bleeps) when Trystian’s in the hizzle.

After Curtain Lady Debbie uncomfortably attempted an explanation regarding the…ahem…director problems at the last pageant Trystian attended, it was time to get some hair and makeup done.

Debbie had recommended that Trystian pay for the services of Diana the Hair Lady, who was also apparently booked to do the other 247 girls at the Ramada.  Hair was important to Trystian.  It had to be right.  Tight and Right.

Because Trystian could get upset if it’s not.

Spoiler Alert:  Look at her hair.  And then look her kid’s hair.  And then do it again.

And then just sit back and enjoy the show.  Because it was already Showtime!

I don’t know who the emcee was, but I’m pretty sure that I bought a Nissan from him on the same day that Debbie sold me my living room curtains.  I loved that car, and I still have the curtains.  It was a good day.

Brooklyn’s Mom had rented a custom made designer Beauty dress for something like thirty bucks, which didn’t even make sense when she said it since I don’t know anyone who custom designs something and then willingly takes it back in 24 hours, but she looked cute even though the outfit weighed in at around 47 pounds.

While Trystian was checking her texts, Kelsie stopped crying just long enough to get chocolate stains all over her own cupcake dress, but luckily Mom seemed pretty well versed in tearing the crap out of another girl’s party dress and simply covered the whole mess with some fabric that she ripped right from Kelsie’s poofy shoulders.

If you swapped out Kelsie for a sloppy full grown woman putting on lipstick in the restroom of an Atlanta karaoke bar at closing time, you know exactly what I was picturing in my head.

I saw you talking to my man, bitch.  Let’s do this.  Rrrrrrip.


Can we just say that it wasn’t Kelsie’s day?  At all?  She cried.  Fell down.  Got the slo-mo music treatment which meant she was going to freeze on stage, and then fell down some more.  In every category.

Brooklyn on the other hand, was rockin’ the stage for her very first glitz pageant.  Which made me smile, since she was basically stuck on the show this week so it didn’t look like The Trystian Spin-Off Hour.

You go, little girl.  And poop out all the glitter you want.

By the time the Roaring ’20s Wear was about to start, Kelsie still hadn’t gotten any time with Diana to change out her baby weave.  And Girrrl…that ain’t right.

Granted, it was kind of hard to tell where the hair assembly line started and where it ended, but Kelsie definitely wasn’t getting her hair did next, fo’ sho’.  Needless to say, the delay got Trystian (bleeped) out a few hundred times and gave Angel a chance to snoop around all those empty Dunkin’ Donuts boxes before he took off like a bottle rocket down the hallway again.

Honestly, I don’t really know if Trystian showed up with two kids or twenty, because she had offspring flying around that building like it was a laser tag birthday party.  At the last pageant she at least had that baby daddy/boyfriend guy with her who kept taking his shirt off in front of the children, but this time she was flying solo and her meds were wearing off.

The Perfect Storm.

After getting nowhere with Diana, Trystian dragged a couple of kids down to the other end of the hall and confronted Curtain Debbie’s daughter, who was wearing what appeared to be the gown from Beauty & The Beast and a Dance Moms jacket.

I have no idea what was going on there, but I didn’t dare ask.  I guess it was chilly that day.  Or maybe she actually lives in that Queen’s Castle bed contraption.

She didn’t get any further with Belle than she had with Diana, so Trystian made a quick 180 and retraced her erratic steps back to the makeup room.  With one baby under her arm and another one somewhere within the range of the building’s security cameras, Trystian headed in to confront Diana a second time.

Because she paid for some (bleepin’) hair and makeup time, bitch.

Insert your favorite GirlFight lines here: _____________________.


But Diana wasn’t having it while she was trying to get a knot out of some other little tyke’s fake hair.  No ma’am.  Plus she could smell a loose cannon a mile away, even through that cloud of toxic Aqua-Net gas.

Which made Trystian blow a nutty.  But a subdued nutty.  Because she didn’t want to go to jail in another state.  So Diana was lucky that they weren’t both back in Vegas where Trystian would have gone completely boughetto ghetto on her sorry strip mall salon a**.

I’m wasn’t sure if that meant they don’t have a prison system in Las Vegas, or if she didn’t mind going to jail in her home town because she had a couple of besties who could break her out from the inside.  Whatev.

At some point in the festivities Trystian attempted to do Kelsie’s synthetic hair all by herself, which the baby immediately pulled out and threw on the floor in the hallway like she was being filmed by VH1 or something.

Yeah.  She definitely gets it from her mama.

Don’t make me take my pretty feet shoes off.

Then there was some more crying.  Some more kids falling down.  Some more kids running in circles.  And then a whole lot more swearing.

In front of the kids, of course.

When it was all over, Brooklyn did great and was a happy camper.  She smiled and then fell off the stool again.

Kelsie cried some more and unfortunately didn’t do that great.  She was also missing some of the tracks in one of her Miley Cyrus poofs.

Trystian snagged the score sheets and thought the whole thing was BS.  From now on they would only be going to pageants where they could win, which I thought was the whole point of this circus in the first place.

Diana made it to her car in one piece and immediately locked the doors.  I believe she entered the Witness Protection Program the following Monday.

Debbie couldn’t go out for drinks with the girls after work because she had to be up early for the JCPenney White Sale.

And then The Roaring Trystian Pageant was over.

Go home, bitches.


Toddlers & Tiaras: It’s Time To Put On Your Gatsby Glitz And Flapper Dress. It’s The Roaring Trystian Pageant!
Toddlers & Tiaras: It’s Time To Put On Your Gatsby Glitz And Flapper Dress. It’s The Roaring Trystian Pageant!
Toddlers & Tiaras: It’s Time To Put On Your Gatsby Glitz And Flapper Dress. It’s The Roaring Trystian Pageant!
Toddlers & Tiaras: It’s Time To Put On Your Gatsby Glitz And Flapper Dress. It’s The Roaring Trystian Pageant!
Toddlers & Tiaras: It’s Time To Put On Your Gatsby Glitz And Flapper Dress. It’s The Roaring Trystian Pageant!

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