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Today is the Day the Supreme Court Weighs in on Obamacare…

Posted on the 28 June 2012 by Btchakir @btchakir

The news media is waiting with baited breath for the decision of the SCOTUS which is due today on the President’s health care plan. So many questions are waiting to be answered:

1. Will the Court’s decision be primarily political?Today is the day the Supreme Court weighs in on Obamacare…

2. Who will suffer the most if it is overturned?:

- Young people under 26 years old who are able to be on their parents’ health care plan, who could lose that  advantage unless the insurance company itself allows it.

- Protection for sick patients who can lose their coverage due to a mistake in paperwork.

- People in southern states who have the least amount of state-mandated protection on their health insurance as opposed to more progressive states.

- Women will not be able to get free birth control (this is Planned Parenthood‘s major worry.)

- The risk of coverage will increase immensely for insurance companies who will not be as supportive of the users and more supportive of themselves.

3. Will the Court separate the Mandate (the requirement that everyone have insurance) from the rest of the law?

So we await the decision which will be written by Justice Roberts and see if they use it as the standard  anti-Democrat response the court has made since putting George W. Bush into office.

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