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To What Degree Will November Election Complete Corporate Coup of America?

Posted on the 09 June 2016 by Andy96

Now that the party primaries are over, it appears that the profit centric MSM has guided the voters quite convincingly. We ended up with the candidates which both media’s profit masters most approve of and which voters have the lowest approval of.

Our democracy is just an illusion as long as a minority of voters select our leaders. The last two Texas governors were elected by less than 21% of all registered voters and the primaries represent an even smaller minority.

There is no conspiracy to select these candidates, just a decades old plan for a corporate coup which this minority of voters is either blind or obedient to. And with the Dem Party minority turnout even smaller than the minority Repug turnout, the profit masters may have one of their own as POTUS.

The Powell Memo of 1971 laid out the plan for this coup and everything seems to be going as planned.

What will the November election bring us?

Profit masters control what we read and watch on main stream media:

Profit masters control our view of the world

Dem voter turnout down from 2008 to 2016 for California primary:

Winning is harder when voters not inspired to vote or are discouraged from voting


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