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To Appease Youkilis, Bobby V Extends His Criticism to Other Sox Players

By Callofthegreenmonster @cotgm

After a tumultuous day at Fenway Park yesterday, Bobby Valentine sought to put out the flames he had set in his clubhouse when he publicly questioned the commitment of Kevin Youkilis. As the media waited outside Valentine's office, the manager finally emerged, arm around Youkilis, exchanging warm smiles.

"We had a good talk," Valentine said, patting Youk on the head.  "I explained to Kevin that while I stand by everything I said, I didn't mean to single him out.  I have something bad to say about every player on this team, and I'm more than happy to share those thoughts with you." Valentine then opened a notebook, and began sharing his personal criticism of each player.

"You know, I might have judged Bobby too quickly," said Youk, as he admiringly watched Valentine. "This is such a sweet thing he's doing. To make sure that we're all insulted equally, I think that takes a special kind of person."

"Pedroia," Valentine continued, "...Short!  Big mouth! Wise ass!  Big Papi? Lose some weight, stop hugging everybody..."

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