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To All Republicans and All Who Support and Supported Donald Trump

Posted on the 09 November 2016 by Morage @kebmebms

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An open letter to all Republicans and all who supported the candidacy and possible presidency of this Donald J. Trump.
To you all,
The next four years are on you. They are all on you.
Of course, we will all be subject to the effects of this Donald Trump presidency (I can still barely write, let alone say it). Every utterance from his mouth, every move he makes in this office, him and his Vice President and entire administration, all of it will be on you.
In fact, it already is.
From Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian citizens, all celebrating this win for him to the negative stock market we already experienced between last evening and now, all of it. Everything negative that comes from this man and all his people will be on you.
Any denial of science, any dirtier air, water and soil, any military mistakes, any and all economic downticks, anything and everything is all on you.
Granted, too, I will say, if, by any grace of God there is any improvements for the nation, for the people and not just the already-wealthy and corporations, that occurs while he's in this office, I'll be the first to recognize and acknowledge it. Any of it. Any and all. I expect this "positive list" will be short, if it exists at all but I am not completely hopeless about it.
As I said earlier here...
God help us all.

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