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TitleCard Capital -Ways to Make Money From Real Estate

By Abitoflux @abitoflux

If you are looking to invest your cash then you will have no doubt hard many different pieces of advice as to where is the best place to put it in order to get the most returns that you can. For most investors they want a relatively safe, calm and simple investment which will bring reasonable returns, this is why many areas of investment don’t make too much sense as they are risk-strewn. The best place for most people to put their money is in real estate and one of the biggest benefits of this kind of investment is the numerous ways in which you can earn. We spoke to the team at TitleCard Capital who specialize in real estate, to see the ways that you can earn.


Flipping properties is a fast way go buying and selling properties which make a small amount of profit and those who do it will do this multiple times per year. More often than not those who flip properties will look to pick up a great deal from the auction for a dilapidated property, which they will then invest a little money into in order to get it ship-shape, and then they will look to offload in for a small profit. There is a lot of money that can be made in this if you know what you are doing.

Private Equity

You may not always associate a private equity group with real estate but there are many groups who look to use their financial pool in order to invest in real estate properties all over the world. These groups came to prominence after a slump in the housing market where these groups were able to pick up large amounts of properties for low prices. If you are looking to invest large amounts of capital into a long term strategy this could be the perfect answer for you and after an initial wait period you can get yourself returns of 6-8% per year. This is a great way for you to invest in real estate without you having to be an expert in the industry.

Most Common

The most common way in which you can invest in real estate is to buy a property for a reasonable price, hopefully below the market average, and then rent the property out long term, selling when the market rises. What happens in many cases here is that the rent covers the majority of the outlay for the property and that means that the property itself is all positive equity for you. Rent prices don’t always move in line with property prices and that means that you could still be earning well from your property even if housing prices happen to fall.

If you have some cash to invest then real estate really is the best place for you to put it, the markets are secure, you will have a physical asset for your investment and you can count on some great returns.

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