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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

He was going through the pains
And was battling his own demons.
She came as a nightingale
by the side of a River-dale.


The nights started being longer
And the days were more joyful.
YES! I he began to smile
And the bruised heart was more cheerful.


He thought he got the key to be happy
Being under the determined queen of the literary land.
Who had her own share of pain,
And giving smiles to others was her gain.


He wanted to be close
But the old stories and the grief denied.
More did they come close
Inside rattled the shattered pieces.


Let’s see how the story prevails;
Will it be a love saga tale?
Or one more story of the magic fill
With the another TITANIC sails.

-Amber Reyansh Mishra

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