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Tips & Toes Lip Pencil in Caramel Truffle ~ Review, Swatch & FOTD

By Vishanne @VishAnne

What Tips & Toes says about the Caramel Truffle Lip Pencil?

Nothing…. Yes Tips & Toes doesn’t say anything about this lip pencil because I couldn’t find it on the Tips & Toes Website .   Tips n Toes Lip Pencil Review   Price: 150 INR for 1.8 g
Life Span: 2 years

My Expectations: I never believed in Lip Pencils because I was under the assumption that the job of defining the lips can be done by using lip brushes. So didn’t expect anything from this Lip Pencil but bought it just to explore the benefits of using Lip Pencils. I must say it did change my views on Lip Pencils and I am definitely going to invest more in Lip Pencils from now Smile.

Tips n Toes Lip Pencil FOTD

To know how and why Tips & Toes Lip Pencil effected my views on Lip Pencils , read on…

Look & Feel

  • Package: A simple pencil package with a colored end for easy identification. The quality of the wood is good enough for smooth sharpening.
Tips n Toes Lip Pencil  Package
  • Fragrance: It has a crayon like fragrance
    Sad smile
    which is not bothersome and lingers for about half n hour only.
  • Shade: Caramel Truffle. A good maroon shade with brown undertones. It’s a wonderful color that would suit any skin tone giving a brightening effect.
Tips n Toes Lip Pencil Swatch
  • Texture: Totally matte, dry and non-creamy. When I tried it for the first time with the pointed edge it was very dry and sharp that it hurt my lips. To avoid it draw a few lines at the back of your hand.

Tips & Toes Lip Pencil Effects

  • Coverage? Gives full coverage even when used on lips that are just moisturized with a balm. So a budget boon for pigmented lips
    In love
    Thumbs up

Tips n Toes Lip Pencil Lip Swatch

  • Finish? Beautifully defined matte lips with intense color. But again if not used on well moisturized lips it will accentuate the lines and gives a chapped effect. Using a lip pencil definitely enhances the shape of the lips.

Tips n Toes in Caramel Truffle

  • Moisturizing? It doesn’t offer any moisturization but it can be sorted out with the use of a good lip balm.
  • Lasting Power? Lasts easily for 5-6 hours surviving heavy meals as well. Wear it alone or underneath a lipstick it does a fabulous job in extending the stay of the color.

Tips n Toes Lip Pencil Lips

  • Easy to Remove? The best part is that in-spite of the lasting power it still can be removed easily with water and soap. You don’t have to use any specific makeup remover for it.
  • Transfer Resistant? No.

Tips n Toes Lip Pencil Face

Cost Efficient? Yes. A very good product well within the budget.

Final Note

If like me you are planning to experiment with Lip Pencils or if you are in search of a budget lip pencil then you must definitely try out Tips & Toes Lip Pencils.

Tips n Toes Lip Pencil Verdict

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