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Tip: One of My Candidates Achieved Only 0-3% on the OCAT, is This a Real Score?

Posted on the 30 October 2012 by Onetest @onetest_hr


Tip: One of my Candidates Achieved Only 0-3% on the OCAT, is this a Real Score?


Although rare, it is possible for a candidate to achieve a Cognitive Ability score of 0-3%. This could occur for a number of reasons.

Technical issues

If your candidate completes the Cognitive Ability assessment and receives a score between 0-3%, this could be due to a technical issue. We recommend that you call us on 1300 137 937 or email[email protected]. We can then investigate the candidate’s testing experience to verify whether or not a technical issue has occurred.

Environmental issues

If no technical issues are detected, there are a number of environmental reasons that a candidate might score between 0-3%. A candidate's results could be influenced by:

  • distractions, noise level, physical discomfort, etc
  • their comfort level with the testing process
  • mental or emotional stress
  • their level of English proficiency (this assessment requires a candidate to have at least Year 10 English proficiency)

Test scores should, therefore, be considered an approximation of a candidate’s level of cognitive ability. The results of candidates who do not possess a Year 10 level of Australian English may be adversely affected by their English proficiency. In such cases it is impossible to accurately measure their level of cognitive ability alone, as their results will be unpredictably influenced by their English skills.


Onetest provides a free verification service for candidates who have completed the Onetest Cognitive Ability Test (OCAT) remotely. This can help to identify instances where environmental issues may have impacted the candidate’s results. Verification involves candidates completing a second OCAT assessment (using different questions) under supervised conditions. The results of both tests are compared and the client is informed of any inconsistencies. For more information please refer to our Quick Guide for Verification – Supervised Assessment Guide.

Need help?

If you have any questions or need assistance we are always happy to help, simply call Client Services on 1300 137 937 or email [email protected]

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