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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

He is a time piece,
moving with the unstoppable clock.
The emotions inside him play every night,
as a piece of a time frame block.
He slumbers every night
to get back to that memory lane.
Just to complete the story – their story ;
but he gets back with tear and pain.
His fingers doesn’t flow on the guitar,
As she took away his chords.
The drumsticks are kept broken
With the last piece of heartbreaking accord.
He thrives to break the walls
which rise high in front of him.
Walls of false promises and memories spent together,
caging him in the dark halls.
Today his struggles will turn to give him success,
from breaking out of those; dungeon rooms of Satan.
He leaves the stories behind, to write a new journey.
His soul is free from the timepiece,
where he was trapped in.
No one knows – What will happen now?
Some were saying – that he was alive and back again.
But he was telling the world – once again setting himself free was in vein.


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