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Time Life Four Yoga Poses Will Calm, Stretch and Strengthen You

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Each month, Life Time destinations across the nation host more than 345,000 yoga participations through the expert guidance of 1,500 certified yoga teachers, making it one of the largest yoga providers in the country.

As the company prepares for its Sept. 26 debut of SOL, its latest exclusive yoga offering, four of Life Time’s top yoga teachers are sharing their favorite poses that benefit both hardcore yoga enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

“The physical and mental benefits of yoga make it a truly phenomenal form of exercise for everyone, regardless of age or ability,” said Tory Schaefer, national director of yoga operations at Life Time.

Time Life Four Yoga Poses Will Calm, Stretch and Strengthen You

Time Life Four Yoga Poses Will Calm, Stretch and Strengthen You

“You can get tremendous benefits from practicing just 5 to 10 minutes a day by supplementing it into your daily routine to help calm your body, improve your range of motion, enhance recovery and get better sleep. Or, if you’re looking for a vigorous exercise and way to tone your body, you can do a Vinyasa-style yoga several times a week.”

Four powerful, yet approachable, yoga moves to do each day include the following from Life Time’s yoga experts:

  1. Seated Meditation – Alex Schimmel, Yoga Boutique Manager at Life Time’s soon-to-open Biltmore, Ariz. destination

A great way to start or end your day. Studies show meditation helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, enhance memory and cognition, and decrease fear and anxiety. To begin, sit in a comfortable place, keeping your spine straight. You can use a chair or wall if your back needs support. From there, focus on your breathing or observe sensations in your body. “Meditation is a great way to increase your ability to concentrate and cultivate a non-reactive mind,” Schimmel said.

  1. Extended Side Angle – Suzanne Griggs, Yoga Boutique Manager at Life Time Chanhassen, Minn.

This pose is great for reliving stress from your legs, back and shoulders. Start with a star pose with your arms extended to the side. From there, bend your right knee, take a deep breath and extend your right arm towards the floor and your left over your head towards the ceiling.

“This is one of my favorite poses because you get a really good stretch through the side of your body and you also strengthen your legs,” said Griggs.

  1. Peaceful Warrior – Corey Brueckner, Yoga Boutique Manager at Life Time Bridgewater, N.J.

This pose, great for the back, legs and hips, starts in Warrior II. From there, raise your front arm toward the ceiling, bend back and take your back arm on your left leg.

“This pose is especially great for those with back and hip issues,” Brueckner said.

  1. King Dancer – Geoff Tough, Yoga Boutique Manager at Life Time Fort Washington, Pa.

This pose builds full-body strength, flexibility and coordination. The pose involves shifting weight to a foot of your choosing and bringing the opposite leg backwards past your glutes. From there, reach your arms overhead and lean forward. If you’re looking for a challenge, continue to shift forward, bring your foot as high as you can and grab with both arms.

Time Life Four Yoga Poses Will Calm, Stretch and Strengthen You

“It opens the shoulders, chest, and hips, as it stretches and strengthens the thighs, ankles, and abdomen,” Tough said. “This pose develops greater flexibility in your spine, shoulders, and hamstrings.”

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