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Tigers in Thailand!

By Frontiergap @FrontierGap

Tigers in Thailand!

After the brilliant news from the WWF about Sumatran tigers it would appear that in Thailand there is also a wild tiger population making a go of survival.

Working with conservation teams, the rangers from Thap Lan national park have been gathering footage from camera traps over the past two years leading them to believe that this area once thought to be bereft of tigers may have a larger population than the whole China.

Than lan is home to host of other wildlife including elephants, clouded leopards, spotted linsang, boar, deer as well as a plethora of exotic birds. Over half of the park is yet to be checked but having already found eight tigers, the rangers are confident that more animals will be found.

“I’m very happy as this is beyond expectations…There are areas deeper inside where we haven’t placed any camera traps yet. Given the results so far, there could be 20 to 50 tigers in here” said the park’s superintendent, Taywin Meesat.

Although this has been an extremely positive discovery especially in light of the sharp decline in the global population of tigers the same problems still face the national park.

Human development continues to encroach upon the area and many of the locals have turned to poaching to subsidise their income. If the news about a healthy tiger population in the region were to be spread it could mean the worst for the animals. Tiger poachers can earn up to £300 per kg of tiger carcass, it is then sold for ten times that amount by dealers.

If you want to get involved with wildlife conservation in South East Asia then why not get in touch and find out more about our many projects in the region.

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