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Throwback Thursday: Work at Home Style and Why You Can’t Figure Out What to Wear

By Bridgetteraes @BridgetteRaes

Throwback ThursdayWelcome to another week of Throwback Thursday, highlights of what I was blogging about a year this week that are still quite relevant.  Check out these two posts.

How to Dress When You Work From Home

Dressing when you work at home is completely different than when you are expected to show up at an office.  Nobody really cares what you look like.  Does it matter if you never get out of your pajamas or wear yoga pants all day?  Not really.    Working from home can be lonely enough, making that extra effort towards myself can be the difference between feeling cut off from the world and part of it. For those of you who either run a business from your home or spend some working hours telecommuting, this post in this work series is all about work at home style.  Read more.

Why Women Have Trouble Figuring Out What to Wear

  While I’m not for or against the way fashion sells its clothes, if you have trouble figuring out what to wear you’ve got to cut yourself a little slack.  Where the heck are you getting your information for your own unique set of challenges, a magazine with a 5’11″ glamazon who just reached the legal voting age this year or the celebrity who has an endless budget and a team to make her look perfect?   Doubtful.  Check out the reasons why women have trouble figuring out to wear.


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