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Threats to Assassinate Donald Trump Are Multiplying by the Day

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

There’s murder in the air

Eye of SauronIf this takes you by surprise, you need to study the history of socialism. In the 168 years since Karl Marx wrote The Communist Manifesto (1848), one genocide after another has been committed by Marx’s followers; enough to make a jihadist blush. And now, the demonic principality that powers the Left is focusing its jaundiced eye on Donald Trump, and all who support the Constitution.

Ted Cruz Jokes About Killing Donald Trump by Running Him Over with His Car:

Teen Thugs Threaten to Kill Donald Trump in Amateur Rap Video:

3 Latino Gangsters destroy Trump sign & Pull Gun & threaten to kill Trump supporter:

“I’m Going to Kill Donald Trump” Threatens a Mentally Handicapped Man Influenced by Social Media:

Spiritual Warfare

It’s time to pray, put on the armor of God, and do battle with the principality that is spreading this wickedness. Regardless of whether Donald Trump would be our best choice, the demon of murder that is stalking our land needs to be cast out.

Army of the Spirit, you know who you are.
Let’s bind this beast and cast it out.

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