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Those Birthday Feelings

By Modeofstyle @modeofstyle
Those Birthday Feelings
Tomorrow is my birthday. I have been dreading it for quite some time now. Although I've always loved birthdays as a kid, I guess I got to a point where they are not as much of I day I want to celebrate. What I don't want to celebrate is getting older, as getting older involves more responsibility, though choices, wrinkles, expectations and all sorts of difficult things. What I don't mind celebrating is getting wiser, getting more respect from people, earning more money, and having a more settled mind. Although I've been having a bit of a quarter life crisis for some time now, I still feel like I've come to terms with things I was not at ease with a few years ago. So for that reason, I look forward to celebrate turning 27.
The last year has been great in many ways. I've been very lucky in getting a job that was more that I could have ever hoped for, and loads of lovely colleagues as well. I've also had the pleasure in living in a modern flat (hard to find in this country!) with my partner, where from I can walk to work and the city center. I'm really happy with where I am, although I can occasionally feel the pressure from peers, who have already got married, or are on their second kid... It's hard not to feel you have not achieved as much as them, however, what I try and remember is that I chose to do other things with my life before getting to that point, and I am still not done! I have more places to see and travel, and I've only lived in the UK for 3 years now, which really isn't that long.
I think the next year will be another year of prosperity in my work life, as well as my private life. I would love to buy a house and go to a couple more continents. Other than that, I am happy to let life take me where it takes me. In the mean time, I'm gonna party like I'm 17.
Kristina xx

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