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This Is How Rule of Law, NOT Vigilanteism Under the Guise of Self Defense

Posted on the 20 December 2011 by Mikeb302000
This is a perfect example of using a phone, not a gun, to end a criminal act in cooperation with Law Enforcement, without anyone dying.
It also goes to the argument that anyone who breaks into a home is not there primarily intending bodily harm to the residents of that home.  A later report indicated that this young lady was acquainted with at least one of the burglars, who had been in the home previously.
The burglars left the premises carrying the family's Christmas presents with them to a vehicle parked down the street - where they were arrested by local police who were waiting for them.
No one was shot, no one was stabbed, no weapons were brandished to intimidate.  The only 'resisting arrest' appears to be the burglars ran.
The result?  According to the Detroit Free Press:
"On Friday, Daniel Laflin, 19, and Michael Zdanukiewicz, 19, both of Clinton Township, were arraigned at the 41-B District Court on charges of home invasion, conspiracy, larceny of firearms and assaulting/resisting a police officer."


Finally, the dispatcher tells Chloe that deputies found the two burglars.
"I think they spotted the guys but I don't want you to come out out of your bedroom --- I want you to stay there until I tell you it's safe," the dispatcher says. "The deputies are out there."
Wickersham said the arriving deputies spotted two men matching the description walking away from her home. They ran away when officers approached but were later arrested.
Bond was set at $50,000 for Laflin and $30,000 for Zdanukiewicz.
By Megha Satyanarayana and Tammy Stables-Battaglia, Detroit Free Press Staff Writers
From ABC News:
By ABC NewsDec 17, 2011 12:27pm

Chilling 911 Call: Michigan Teen Hides Under Bed as Intruders Rob Home

abc 111217 gma teen3 jt 111217 wblog Chilling 911 Call: Michigan Teen Hides Under Bed as Intruders Rob Home
ABCABC News’ Katti Gray reports:
In a crisis, Chloe Symington’s dad told her, “think now, react or panic later.”
That advice was running through her mind when the 13-year-old Michigan girl grabbed her cat, hid in her bedroom and phoned 911 about two intruders downstairs in her family’s home Thursday.
“I was just curled up in a ball right there,” said Chloe, pointing at a corner as she recalled what happened to ABC affiliate WXYZ in Detroit.
Two to three minutes passed between her sighting of the intruders rifling through the drawers of a downstairs table and one of them actually entering her bedroom.
“I was really freaked out,” she added.
But during an 18-minute 911 call, she remained outwardly calm, speaking quietly.
“How did they not see you??” the 911 operator asked, while Chloe crawled under the bed.
“I don’t know Chloe,” told her.
“Just lay quiet,” the operator said.
Chloe’s action helped put officers from Macomb County Sheriff Department police near the scene before Daniel Laflin and Michael Zdanukiewicz, both 19, could fully get away with the electronics and a handgun they had stolen from the Symington family’s home.
They were arraigned on home invasion charges.
“I was just thinking, alright, I should just think of what ifs, if they come here and they see me what am I going to do,?” Chloe told to WXYZ how she kept calm during the ordeal.
ABC News Detroit Affiliate WXYZ’s Anu Prakash contributed to this report.

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