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Thirsty Thursday: Cherry Moscow Mules, Diamonds, and Murder Most Foul

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

So, I jumped onto this bandwagon as it was careening away into popularity. I hiked up my hoop skirt (prepare for Oregon Trail/Little House on The Prairie imagery), grabbed a hold of the back of the wagon as it forded what I imagine was a very slow moving river, and now lord it over all of my uninitiated friends. I am a Serial-addicted hipster. Though can you be a hipster if you refuse crop tops, wear Uggs unironically, and first heard about the world’s hottest podcast on a gossip column? Probably not. But I’m head over heels, listen to all the episodes on repeat for details I missed, and listen to the Slate spoilers, and read Rabia’s blog. So tonight, instead of Gladiating, I think I’m going to listen to the newest episode after a meeting I have. And I’ll be counting down the seconds. Naturally, this kind of listening party requires an intriguing cocktail with nuanced flavor combinations. And just a hint of the unsavory; in this case it’ll be questionably tasty cherry vodka, which sounds horrible, instead of a shady character named Jay. I’m hoping cherry vodka tastes better than the swisher sweets of which I imagine Jay reeking.

Cherry Mint Moscow Mule

via Thyme is Honey

She has great taste, so I’m trusting her judgement and rolling the dice. Plus I’ll take any excuse to use Moscow Mule mugs and candied ginger. As for the cocktail I’ll be wearing:

Rose Gold Cocktail Ring

First of all, it’s color coordinated to match my mugs, so let’s just all take a hot second to appreciate that. The scrolling pave rose gold swirls like the details around Adnan’s case. The twists and turns and tangles mimic the unreliable (or untrustworthy?) memories of all those involved. The murky, muted tones of the multicolored diamonds represent the sepia-toned details of a case over 15 years old, and that particularly dark radiant cut is my favorite shady character. Am I crazy? YES. Is this ring the most perfect depiction of Serial in jewelry form? YES. As for what I’ll be wearing to enjoy both of these cocktails and my sweet, precious podcast:

Organic Grapefruit Bubble Bath

via Swanson Vitamins

Rose Gold Headphones

Frends headphones via Amazon

Not to be provocative, but there’s no better apparel than your birthday suit, bubbles and a pair of headphones for this occasion. The purpose is twofold: 1) You can be completely entrenched in the world of Serial, no distractions, just close your eyes and visualize everything unfolding. Like story time. And 2) Your family and dog are less inclined to interrupt. Cheers!

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