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These Seven Design Tips Will Help You Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space.

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

Even if you love your neighbors, you probably don't want them looking over and seeing you sipping coffee, on the lawn, in your PJs at noon. Here are a few suggestions for creating a private outdoor space.


A fence is the simple, classic, solution. Simply pick out a style you like that offers enough coverage to hide you from sight and call it a day.

Trees, Bushes, And Hedges

Greenery is nature's fencing. If you want privacy while maintaining a natural look consider planting some tall greenery. Choose types that will do well in your climate and won't require excessive watering. Make sure to keep them trimmed to the height you prefer.

2. Have High-Quality Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces are lovely accents for an outdoor space when made well, but can quickly turn into eyesores when they're not.

Common hard surfaces include:

Make sure you're getting quality, professional, pieces. Companies like Kansas City concrete contractors can give your driveway and other flatwork the attention it needs to make sure you'll appreciate it for years to come.

3. Add Subtle Lighting

Outdoor lighting is important for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Here's what to keep in mind when trying to keep your property beautiful and safe.

    Make sure your well-lit areas have features you want people to appreciate.
    Make sure your entrances, walkways, and parking areas have appropriate light.
    Try to aim light so that you don't see the light source.
    Shield light bulbs when possible.
    Use lower wattage lights for outside. They provide enough light for safety, while not disturbing the natural beauty of the outdoors.

4. Use The Right Kind Of Wood

Wood is the most commonly used decorating material for creating a beautiful yard, so let's talk pros and cons.


    It blends naturally into outdoor surroundings.
    When sealed properly it'll last for years.
    You can pick a hardy wood with a color you like for objects like fences, decks, tables, chairs, and maybe even a treehouse.


    Susceptible to pests if not treated properly.
    Will rot if not properly sealed.

The main tip to keep in mind with wood is to choose a type that does well outdoors, and make sure it's properly cared for.

5. Don't Forget The Front Yard

The front yard has long been overlooked as a spot for gatherings. While backyards offer privacy, front yards allow you to invite people in.

Make the most of your front yard by:

    Setting up a long table for eating.
    Adding a small water feature.
    Getting some comfy chairs.
    Putting in flowers or bird feeders to attract wildlife.

Updating your front yard is one of the top ways to add value to your home too.

6. Garden With Purpose

A garden can be a beautiful feature for an outdoor space, and it has astounding health benefits. Make sure you're uncovering its true potential.

    Grow foods you and your family will enjoy.
    If you're putting in a large garden, consider foods that can be canned and put away for the winter months.
    Get everyone involved. Even small children can help plant seeds and harvest the results. It'll be a great memory and teach them respect for nature.
    Keep any seeds you get from your garden for next season.

7. Build A Fire Ring

Fire rings are the perfect spot for cookouts, making s'mores, or just sitting around a fire enjoying the outdoors. You can build one yourself with a few simple steps.

    Pick an area that's about 18 feet in diameter, and that's flat.
    Remove grass and other vegetation from the area.
    Cover the area with sand.
    Surround the area with paving stones set in a rough circle.
Your outdoor space can be just as appealing and enjoyable as your indoor space. Use these seven tips while designing your yard and you'll have a finished product you can enjoy for years to come.

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