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These 10 Forms of Sexism Are Why I Identify As A Feminist

Posted on the 04 March 2015 by Juliez

To say sexism and gender-based discrimination don’t exist would be like claiming oceans aren’t wet. There are, in fact, many issues facing women of the present, and they need to be addressed. So thank you, feminism, for acknowledging the many problems facing women today.

Without feminism, these important topics — like victim blaming, unequal pay and abortion — would be silently slid under the rug and our world would be way worse off. So let’s face these obstacles head-on, like the strong and empowered individuals we are.

Body Image

The media sucks. Thanks to stick-thin models and Photoshopping to boot, women have come to covet dangerously thin bodies. We battle with it constantly, as acquiring these body types requires nothing short of starvation. When we consider that as many as 10% of college women suffer from eating disorders, it’s clear why.

It’s time, ladies, that we embrace our own bodies. There’s no template, no perfect form: Just be you. The next time you compare your body to someone else’s, think about your strengths instead and remember that being thin hardly matters in the grand scheme of your life.

Dressing for Parties

Women stress over what to wear not because they’re full of themselves, but because we live in a society in which we are judged on all levels based on our appearance. Our culture shames and scrutinizes women’s figures, sexuality and appearance. Skirt lengths, necklines — every aspect of our clothing is analyzed and equated with our very worth. Look at programs like E!’s “Fashion Police,” for instance, that shame or praise celebrities entirely on what they wear. One step into a college party, likewise, and you’re dubbed slutty or prude based on what you’re wearing. It’s a real shame because clothing should be a form of self-expression. Remember that and dress in clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.


Some men can’t keep their perverted comments to themselves. They think that they can treat women like products for their entertainment being paraded up and down the street. We’re humans, same as them, and we should speak out against their remarks. Next time you’re catcalled, if you feel that you safely can, call the perpetrator a heinous cow (or your comeback of choice). Better yet, try to educate them about why such comments aren’t compliments, but hurtful and demeaning.

Rape Culture

According to society, sexual assault is always a woman’s fault — especially if she dared to weaken her inhibitions by drinking alcohol. What did she expect? It’s completely messed up, but it happens all the time. In the United States, a woman is raped every six minutes. Until women can consistently see justice when they’re violated (which is not the case right now), we need to stick together. We need to keep one another safe, show support for victims, and continue fighting for justice.

Sexist Salesmen

Unfortunately, women are often schemed in sales situations. A study has shown, for example, that women are quoted higher prices than men on car repairs. This occurs for numerous reasons: salespeople assume ladies won’t know the difference, and women are less likely to negotiate than men. Avoid this situation in the future; beat the dealer at his own game. Do research before you head to the shop. Be prepared to verbally negotiate or argue your point.

Walking Alone

While not all men are rapists and pigs, every woman has fear when walking solo — especially at night. We text one another when we get home safe, we carry pepper spray in our purses. The world should be safe enough to forgo these measures, but it’s not. At least not right now — we must acknowledge that countless individuals are fighting for a reality in which it is and join them in this effort.

Slut Shaming

Men sleep with women and they’re applauded. Women sleep with men and they’re shamed. The word “slut” carries a negative connotation, and we should stop using it. A woman’s sexual behaviors are her own business and, quite frankly, we can sleep with as many people as we want (keyword: want). Moving forward, women need to stick together. Don’t call your sisters sluts. Embrace everyone’s unique, individual behaviors — in and outside of the bedroom.

Choices Regarding Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, she has options. What each woman decides to do is her concern, not the government’s, not her friend’s, not anybody’s but her own. Unfortunately, many people still have major issues with abortion and the concept of being pro-choice. Don’t listen to others: stay true to your own beliefs and follow the path that works for you. Bringing a baby into the world is a huge responsibility, and not one to be taken lightly. Do what you need to do. But also remember: always practice safe sex!

Unequal Pay

Women are still paid unequal wages — 78 cents for every dollar earned by a man. It sucks and it’s not right, but we’re in a better position now than we ever were before. Feminism is clearly making a difference which is precisely why some people still disapprove of it: They’re threatened by the changes it’s initiating. We need to continue to fight and speak out against unfair pay. We can’t be silenced or continue to be discriminated against after coming so far.

Victim Blaming

When Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos were hacked, she was blamed. “If she didn’t have naked pictures, this wouldn’t have happened,” people argued. Rather than blame the hackers (who are criminals), the public turned on the victim. In true J-Law fashion, she refused to apologize, declaring that, “It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime.”

Similarly, when women are in abusive relationships, the victims are shamed for staying — men aren’t shamed for abusing. Society is backward in its insistence on blaming victims. Take a lesson from Jennifer: Point your finger at and use your forces against those who commit the crimes, not those tossed in the middle and hurt by them.

For these reasons, and so many more, I feel have no choice but to call myself a feminist and engage in the movement that seeks to end these injustices.

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