Business Magazine Publishes Story on New gTLD’s: They Think The Period To Apply Is Still Opened

Posted on the 13 March 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains, just published a story today on the new gTLD program and it contains plenty of very basic factually inaccurate statements about the program.

Here we go:

“The internet is poised to gain a whole lot of new domain names in the very near future, from the useful (.app, .dev) to the more whimsical (.ninja, .lol).”

Many of of the new gTLD’s  domain extension have already launched including .ninja.

“Unfortunately, some of the more useful ones may end being locked up behind Google’s closed doors.”

“Google isn’t the only company trying to get an exemption for top level domains (TLDs) it controls such as .dev, but it has filed the most applications for keeping domains private.”

Actually Amazon applied for 74 new gTLD’s to operate all of them privately and other than Google’s /brand applications they are not seeking to keep that many closed at all. However .Dev the one discussed in the story Google did apply to operate on a closed basis ad that request was granted by ICANN already.

“However, ICANN doesn’t have the resources to manage all these new domains so it’s auctioning them off, and anyone willing to pay out the $185,000 fee could bid on top level domains.”

OK So ICANN does not “manage all these new domains” and they are Not “auctioning off all the new gTLD” just the one’s that had more than one application

The $185,000 application fee ICANN charged was not an fee to enter an auction and it was not done because “ICANN can’t manage them all”

“Yes, even you, Joseph T. Public, can apply, though you’ll want to hurry because big names (Google, Apple, Amazon) and hundreds of others have already made their intentions clear.”

No, Mr. Joseph T. Public you cannot apply the application period close years earlier

“The company previously tried to buy .blog, which it intended to pair with its Blogger service so that the only way to get a .blog domain would be to use Blogger. Google lost its bid for .blog.”

Well Google got outbid at auction for .blog which they applied for they did not “lose” .blog because of their intended use and Google won .Dev at auction so if the other applicant would have outbid Google they would have not been able to operate it in a Closed manner.

Anyway has a very good and knowable writer on the subject of new gTLD’s, ICANN and domain names, @kierenmccarthy, maybe they should let him write on these topics or at least fact check them before they go to print.


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