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There Is, Once Again, a Doctor in the House of True Blood!

Posted on the 10 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Cheryl Durst, one of The Vault’s featured guest writers, has written a new article about our favorite Vampire doctor, Dr. Ludwig, played by Marcia DeRousse. Below is her article:

There is, once again, a doctor in the house of  True Blood!

Yes, it’s true.  Our purveyor of potent potions is back in the business of healing the hideously harmed supernaturals in the Bon Temps/Shreveport area. Our endeared character, Dr. Ludwig, tries her hand at demonic dermatology by giving Pam a body peel and prepares Pam for the peel by saying: ”This will sting a bit.”  It appeared as though Pam’s screaming in pain indicated that “stinging a bit” was an understatement made with the usual nonsensical bed-side manner that only Dr. Ludwig possesses.

As stated in an article I wrote back in March about Marcia DeRousse/Dr. Ludwig, our doctor goes about her business with an attitude of  no real self-importance and yet is totally confidant that she is the only being who has the “know how” to help the supernaturals when all else fails.  Remember, if asked what kind of doctor she is, she is “the healing kind”.  As Pam lies helplessly rotting, our Dr. Ludwig attempts to cure her putrefying body of  flesh by initiating a body peel with follow up injections of some expensive liquid that will restore Pam’s beauty.  Dr. Ludwig tells Pam she will only need “six injections, four times a day (indefinitely)” and, as a result, our screaming Fangtasia girl Ginger, gets to play nursemaid to Pam.  How kind and generous of Dr. Ludwig to offer Pam a bulk rate discount on the beautifying serum! What a great couple of minutes that situation gave us tonight.  It was absolutely wonderful to see our Dr. Ludwig practicing her very special type of medicine again on True Blood.  No one could do it better.

For more in-depth information on this terrific little actor please refer to the comprehensive article I wrote on Marcia DeRousse for The Vault back in March by clicking here.

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