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There Are Going to Be a Lot of People Buying Guns. Maybe Even Voting Trump.

Posted on the 31 May 2020 by Doggone
I get the outrage at what happened to George Floyd, but I also happen to be from Detroit and have lived in Large metropolitan areas on the East Coast.
Get where I am coming from? Or do you think that White Flight is just because people don't like blacks?
While Detroit's becoming the lost city was mostly due to economic reasons, its riotous past didn't help matters. Likewise, visit Newark or Baltimore if you want to get that this isn't "whitesplainin'", but fucking common sense.
I mean you shouldn't need me saying this stuff if you were in anyway aware what has been going on for a while now.
If your rage has led to to believe that rioting is someone justified, or in anyway a brilliant idea, then you need to get it through your thick skull that white people are going to tool up to protect themselves too. They point to the Italians in  Baltimore's Little Italy and the Korean shopkeepers in LA who protected their businesses with guns during the riots. Toss in that the whippl also don't decide that the US urban lifestyle isn't attractive as they thought and head for the burbs.
And where are you left? In a dead city.
Banks were a target of the rioting, which is also dumb since who the fuck are you expecting to invest in your neighbourhood to help it revive? Not to mention people are afraid of coming to your business. Or starting a business if it is going to be destroyed.
The exact mechanisms through which the riots affected economic activity over a long period of time are difficult to identify, but a large number of potentially reinforcing channels exist. Property risk might seem higher in central city neighborhoods than before the riots, causing insurance premiums to rise; taxes for income redistribution or more police and fire protection might increase, and municipal bonds may be more difficult to place; retail outlets might close; businesses and employment opportunities might relocate; middle and higher income households might move away; burned out buildings might be an eyesore; and so on. These damaging aspects of riots, the authors find, apparently outweighed outside assistance directed toward the riot areas in the wake of the disturbances.

What gets me here are the people on the "left" who are somehow justifying this shit. Some them also support Biden, but do you think these riots are going to change Biden from being the Dem nominee. Especially after black "leaders" have endorsed him. Biden and Trump are pretty much the same on the race issue, if you also haven't figured that one out.
You may be your own worst enemy here.
Sometimes the cycle of violence needs to stop with you. After all, it's not called a cycle of violence for nothing. A cycle is "any complete round or series of occurrences that repeats or is repeated". The law of self-defence states that one use the MINIMUM amount of force necessary to stop the threat. Destroying a city is excessive.
Not to mention that violence just isn't productive in the long run. Which is where the question of violent instigators comes in. This would be a super way to make sure that the "Law and Order" Crowd win the election and wouldn't be anything new according to Teaching Tolerance.
Yet for many decades, the instigators and participants in race riots were usually white, not black, and the purpose of the rioting was to assert white domination rather than to express black anger and frustration. During Reconstruction and for a while thereafter, race riots often occurred during elections, as white mobs sought to intimidate the newly enfranchised black voters and to regain power from politicians who would give Blacks an equal opportunity in post–Civil War society. Riots in Memphis, Tenn.; New Orleans, La.; Charleston, S.C.; and Eufaula, Ala., led to dozens of African-American deaths.
 The bottom line is who will really end up benefiting from the violence of the last few days? It's already changed the dialog from police brutality to senseless violence of the rioters.
This isn't whitesplainin' since I would think that any truly "woke" black person would already have sussed this (and if they haven't they ain't really woke, but fast asleep). And there isn't a whole lot I can do but try and connect the dots for you.
Because there won't be any progress unless black leaders can take control of the situation. And that means weeding out the violent instigators: especially if they are white. It also means renouncing violence and those who advocate it. I would also add setting straight the people who somehow find the mayhem of the past few days justified.
I am of the opinion that Martin Luther King, Jr., Sam Cooke, Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton were killed because they knew what I am saying. That the issue isn't race, but unifying the underclass. They also figured out that violence wasn't the answer, but a major part of the problem.
And what needs to be done are things this white boy can't do for you: especially if you are going to think in terms of race: not unity.

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