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Therapy Dog Rescues Veteran from the Scars of the War

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy

We all know how having pets especially dogs can bring help us cope from depression and relieve us from stress. Thus, therapy dogs are becoming popular. Dogs are used to help soldiers of wars cope with their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PSTD.

An Army veteran named Michael Metzinger suffered PSTD and lower back issues. He also went through migraines related to dealing loud noises and explosions. The Department of Veterans Affairs stated that 502, 546 veterans have been treated last year for the diagnosis of primary or secondary PSTD.

On the sunny May afternoon, Michael’s life had changed as he got a furry companion name Zoey. Zoey are among one of those therapy dogs who are usually strayed or left by soldiers in the shelters. These dogs would become companions of the soldiers returning from a war who have PSTD. The therapy dog program is established by New York based group called Guardians of Rescue. They call the program “Paws of  War”.

According to the president of the group Robert Misseri, the dogs become a 24-hour therapist. The group rescue dogs from different places including Afghanistan. However, they had made a rescue on an animal shelter in a military base. The president hopes to do some rescuing in different shelters on camps and make the same arrangements they had.

Although astray, the therapy dogs aren’t tagged by that name for nothing. They are trained to ease the pains of their masters. The Guardian members train them to become buddies of the veterans.

Back to Michael’s story, when he returned from war, Michael was never the same as he gets easily nervous especially in public. His fiancé shared that Michael has a hard time adjusting to the civilian life. He had to sit with his back behind the wall to calm his nerves a bit. Thus, the couple has high hopes that Michael can adjust with therapy dog around.

Michael had heard about Zoey for week but his first encounter with Zoey is remarkable as he felt excited and positive towards it. He said that the dog will make her feel happier, healthier and better as he waited for the dog to arrive. And when Zoey came, Michael felt awesome and was smiling. A rescued dog that rescues a scarred soldier from the battle, that is Zoey.


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