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Theeere’s Nooo Business . . . Like Shooow Business . . . .

Posted on the 29 July 2016 by Adask

If the Democrats couldn’t really have party unity at their National Convention, they could at least appear to have unity by removing or silencing Bernie Sanders delegates.  Reality be darned!  It’s the appearance of reality that matters.

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Here’s another video describing Democratic National Convention “show biz”.  The the DNC hired “extras” to sit in empty seats to give the appearance that the place was packed and virtually everyone was cheering for Hillary.

A question comes to mind:  How could they (the DNC’s Hillary supporters) be so dumb?  Didn’t they know that so many people were involved that their show biz tricks would be revealed?   Didn’t they know that ads on Craig’s List for people to fill empty DNC convention seats would be exposed?

But, was the DNC really dumb, really dishonest or, mostly, really desperate?

On one level you can’t exactly blame the DNC.  Their National Convention was a flop.  Democrats are not unified.  Hillary does not inspire mass loyalty.  The DNC “establishment” couldn’t admit that.  They had to create an illusion of success, an appearance of success–which are lies–rather than admit that Hillary couldn’t necessarily win an election even at the Demorcatic National Convention..

This does not bode well for Hillary’s chances in the general election next November.

Also, this does not bode well for having a “clean,” “honest” general election this November.  Hillary may not be able to win the general election, but that doesn’t mean she can’t steal it.

She is shameless.  The whole process makes me wince.  At time, it seems like this whole country is becoming openly immoral.

Not many seem to mind.  There is little real indignation.  We’ve accepted the fact that our politicians are crooks.  Our futures are not enhanced by our moral apathy.  At least half the country should be screaming at Hillary’s pathology.  Instead, most are only amused.  Cynically amused, perhaps, but amused, nonetheless.  The whole country is becoming a g.d. “hood” where anything goes.

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