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The World’s Top 10 Strange Car Crashes and Resting Places

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Maybe I am just very lucky, or maybe I am just a good driver, but I have never been involved in a car crash, not a bump, not a scratch, nothing! But all over the World people crash everyday and I thought I would show you some of the very strangest places the car has come to rest after a crash, and some of them are going to need a lot of explaining, so remember where we parked the cars kids, it is time to find out…

The World’s Top 10 Strange Car Crashes and Resting Places

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Vehicle Crashes

10 – “And THAT Son is how you do a drift slide! ….why are you crying?!?”

FACT: In 2012 there were 6.2 million accidents reported by the police in the UK alone! But that does include all accidents, from scratches too much worst.

9 – “I told you it would save money on the tunnel toll by doing this.”

FACT: In 2012 in the USA alone 2.8 million people were severely injured in a car accident and over 43,000 were killed! that is a lot of people indeed.

8 – “When you said ‘lets have lunch in the docks’ I was hoping for something a little,safer.”

FACT: in 2012 39% of fatal crashes involved some form of alcohol or drugs, but in-between the hours of midnight and 3 in the morning that percentage rose to 76%!

7 – “The land lord told me the apartment came with garage space, so I just presumed…”

FACT: Despite the peak rush hour on the roads being people driving to and from work the most accidents happen on the weekend nights between midnight and 3am!

6 – “If you think the fat duck was surprised, imagine the van driver!”

FACT: in 2012 World wide a total of 193 children where run over and injured by their own School buses! Of all the people who should have been the most careful as well.

5 – “Have I been winking? Abfously not officer, I had a swift half a barrel and wint home!”

FACT: Despite parents and drivers being half-sleep in the mornings most accidents that involve school children occur between 3pm and 4pm! I guess it is the long day at work that makes people extra drowsy.

4 – “just stop asking questions and climb down the ladder, we need to pay for the parking.”

FACT: Movies might have us believe that a car will get a scratch on it and catch fire, but in fact fires only occurred in 0.1% of all accidents! So cars are not that flammable at all.

3 – ” Most people throw their shoes over the telephone line, but you had to go one better!”

FACT: Sorry to all you young drivers out there, I know most of you are very careful and safe, but in 2012 people whose ages are 6-20 had the highest fatality and injury rates in car accidents no matter what part of the World they came from.

2 – “I told you the car ferry hasn’t gone from this port on over 20 years!”

FACT: Do you hate wearing a seatbelt? Well it is only law to wear a seatbelt in less than 5% of all countries ! So if you don’t like it, just live somewhere else!

1 - “When I said go straight on when you see the telephone pole I meant…”

FACT: You might here about a lot of deaths from accidents via the news, but the fact is only 1.58% of people involved in an accident die! this is mostly due to pedestrian impact safety devices in modern cars.

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