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The World’s Top 10 Best Take One (Tear-Off) Paper Street Flyers

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Today I saw something I have never seen before and I am sure most people have, what it was that I saw was my very first “Take One” paper tags! It was nothing special, just about an local even with some 50% off coupon tags, but now I have seen one I want to make one of the cool ones I have seen all over the internet, but the real question is which one should I make…

The World’s Top 10 Best Take one (Tear-Off) Paper Street Flyers

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Paper Recycling


10 – Take a Seat!

FACT: Pulping, bleaching and manufacturing “virgin pulp” paper, especially paper used for most printing goverment papers and newsprint, requires the use of 90% more chemicals than recycled paper does!

9 - Complimentary Mustache!

FACT: Almost 42% of all the industrial wood harvest is used to make paper! And as a side stat only 1% of all industrial wood harvested goes into making homes.

8 - Chicken Strips

FACT: Recycled paper is made to the same standard as normal “virgin pulp” paper, but recycled is now the Worlds favorite kind and outsells “virgin pulp” paper by 3 to 1!

7 - I would pick “to be wild.”

FACT: Every ton of recycled paper saves approximately 4 barrels of oil, 4,200 kilowatt hours of energy in the machines that would have been used to cut it down!

6 – Never leave home without a Wookie!

FACT: For the last 20 paper usage has declined by over 20% year on year! In fact it is predicted that paper usage will be almost zero by as little as the year 2020! Good news for the trees indeed.

5 – Buzz Off!

FACT: The United States and Canada are the world’s largest producers of paper and paper products, in fact between them they produce over 90% of the World’s paper!

4 – I have one thanks! But I would take the Pac-Man anyway.

FACT: In a study of brown and white boxes , 75% of all corrugated brown boxes are collected for recycling, but strangely only 40% of white ones as people tend to hang on to them for other things! White box for the win it seems.

3 - Shut Up And Take My Money!

FACT: 84% of all curbside recycling or drop-off sites are used everyday and almost 90% of those are empted at least once a week!

2 – It makes you wonder who puled that missing one off! 

FACT: Nearly 70% of the 1.6 Trillion newspapers published world-wide each year are recovered for recycling. And as a follow on stat, when you recycle your used paper, paper mills use it to make a new newspaper 90% of the time!

1 – Your pulling my leg….off!

FACT: Good news! in 2012 the world-wide stats showed that everyone recycled almost 20% more paper than was send to landfills! Keep it up fellow humans

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