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The World Cup Through the Eyes of a Foodie

By Nogarlicnoonions @nogarlicnoonion

Now that the World Cup is over and we all know who the winner is, we can relax… but let’s recap with some highlights the NGNO way… We posted a series of fun posters depicting some wins and losses through the month with food and drinks…

The World Cup is starting…

Who’s hungrier for the win?

NoGarlicNoOnions00 ngno-world-cup-june-2014-post

  • Brazil 3- Croatia 1

First day, first match, first win for Brazil: After a surprise Croatian appetizer, the meal quickly turned Brazilian with a splendid entree, followed with a heavy main course, and to top it all off, a last minute cherry on top with some dessert.

NoGarlicNoOnions01 ngno-world-cup-june-2014-post-brazil

  • Spain 1- Netherlands 5

Oliebollen is a Dutch plate served cold. The Netherlands revenge

  • Germany 4-Portugal 0

Grilling Portuguese Chorizo, courtesy of Muller and the boys

NoGarlicNoOnions03 ngno-world-cup-june-2014-post-germany

  • Spain 0-Chile 2

One Chile burger and the world cup trophy please. And no tip for you

NoGarlicNoOnions04 ngnoworld-cup-games-june-2014-post-spain

  • Italy 0- Uruguay 1

Freshly chopped pasta! anyone for a bite?… Not you Suarez

NoGarlicNoOnions05 ngnoworld-cup-games-june-2014-post-italy

The Semi-Finals are here. Let’s prepare for the feast

NoGarlicNoOnions06 ngnoworld-cup-games-july-2014-post-semis

  • Brazil 1- Germany 7

No onions were harmed during this match…

NoGarlicNoOnions07 ngnoworld-cup-games-july-2014-post-brazil

Germans were happy celebrating all night. Keep the German beer and pretzels coming! It’s Oktoberfest in July!!!

NoGarlicNoOnions08 ngnoworld-cup-games-july-2014-post-germany

  • Germany 1- Argentina 0

2014 world cup winners… keep the German beer and Pretzels coming!

NoGarlicNoOnions10 ngnoworld-cup-games-july-2014-post-final 2

German cuisine earns its 4th star and is ruled world supreme!

NoGarlicNoOnions09 ngnoworld-cup-games-july-2014-post-final

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