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The Women Hairdresser: the First Italian Vocabulary to Survive.

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy

It is known that the women like to be always pretty. So I decided to bring you in one of the most frequented place  by the women of any age: the hairdresser's = parucchiere da donna. We could sit down and decide to make a piega = hair set . If you want to renew your look you might opt ​​for a cut and blow.dry = taglio e piega. How to explain to an Italian hairdresser what kind of cut you want? Here the main vocabulary (if you have a specific request write me,and I will give you the vocabulary you need!). You can ask a spuntatina = to cut only a bit the hair, The women hairdresser: the first Italian vocabulary to survive.In this case pay attention because usually the hairdressers have a different interpretation of the spuntatina then us and they to cut more than we expected. You can opt for a short haircut = taglio corto : the hair are so comfortable and fashionable when they are short!.  You can opt  for a great caschetto = bob: it never goes out of fashion. Furthermore you can decide a layered haircut = taglio scalatothat tend to move the volume of your hair. In short, the choice is varied. This is obviously just a first introduction to the hairdresser ... the hair color, the hairstyles etc etc will come soon!

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